Thursday, October 30, 2014

Picture of the Week - 10/30/2014

Happy (almost) Halloween!
The end of October marks a few milestones for us every year.  (And I'm not just talking about my birthday!)
We are normally winding down at least one of our sports by the end of October.  This year lacrosse was the first to finish up* and with the end of fall lacrosse we eliminate the lacrosse/football overlapping Tuesday and Thursday practice times.  A little room to breathe. 
Sunday is the last day for flag football, so that will free up Sunday afternoons too.  Ahhhhhh......
Football is still practicing 3 nights a week and we are not starting football tournaments until 11/15, so we have a ways to go with Spencer.  But it's nice to not have to worry about so much juggling!
Here's a fun picture of Bob and Quinn getting ready for a Lacrosse game.  Bob helped coach the team this year - largely to learn how to coach lax so that he can help with the little boys when they start.  I love lacrosse - and playing for the coach Quinn has had for 3 seasons running now.  It's such a fun sport - low stress - high energy and excitement.  I can't wait to put a stick in Zane's hand this spring for "little shooters".  Quinn has already been working with the little boys on how to roll the crease.  Those other little 5 year olds won't know what hit them when the blonde bomber hits the turf!  :)
*We have signed up to participate in 2 different weekend winter lacrosse tournaments this.  So we will get to revisit lacrosse practices and weekend stuff again after Thanksgiving, but I will enjoy the "downtime" while I can.
Tomorrow night we will trick-or-treat!  Be on the lookout for pictures.  Quinn is going as Batman and the little guys are Power Rangers.  Cute cute cute!  Spencer had opted out of the whole thing until last night.  Now I think he's regretting that decision, so I may have to find something to dress him up as on the fly. 
Have a great - and safe - Halloween! 
OH - if you happen to see Zane in the next few days, ask him how his field trip was.  His class went on a field trip today and he was giddy with excitement.  He hasn't been this excited about something since, well the trip to Burt's a couple of weekends ago, or um..., the fall festival at school last weekend.  OK - so he's easily excitable right now - which is SO DARN FUN!!!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love 5 year olds???

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