Thursday, October 9, 2014

Picture of the Week - 10/9/2014

Wow!  That was a fast week!!  Does anyone else feel like someone pushed the fast forward button???
I was too busy to take many pictures this past week.  We were doing the usual stuff - plus working a quilt show and traveling to away games and a 2 day training course for me at work to top things off. 

I thought this week I could share an outtake picture from the little boys photo session at school.  They tried a new thing this time around where we got a CD with all of the pictures on it and get to crop/print/use however we want.  I love the idea...  just wish Zane didn't look so goofy in 95% of the pictures.  Here's a funny one.  Beck is so cute in his it makes me want to drive to the school just to hug him!  (You will see more of him in his birthday collage - coming soon!)
I also had to share this sweet picture of Rooster and Ozzie.  The other night we were watching TV in bed and Oz was sound asleep.  Rooster hopped up, rubbed his head on Ozzie and then cuddled in with him for a nap.  Bob and I were like "What the heck!?!?!"
I filled out our October calendar a couple of days ago.  Quinn took one look and turned to me in horror.  I think there are only 1 or 2 days on the whole calendar without an activity.  (And I don't put the normal - school/work/grocery shop - stuff on there.)  We can do it!!!
PS - I promise to get the camera out and take more/decent pictures soon!
PPS - Also - just so I can remember some day...  Beck is now sleeping in a toddler bed without a paci.  I am very sad that we packed away the crib.  It's so weird to acknowledge that we don't have a baby in the house anymore.  But man-o-man, it's hard to stay sad for long because Beckett is about the coolest nearly-3-year-old I've ever been around.  (Don't tell his brothers!)


  1. That picture of 2 of your boys, priceless!!!

    1. I know - the more I look at these goofy pictures, the happier I am that we got the "outtakes"!! Thanks!