Thursday, September 14, 2017

Picture of the Week - 9/14/2017

Hi everyone!

This sure has been a strange week!  Not bad (for us) but just different.  

We didn't have any damage from the hurricane/tropical storm - unless you consider the direct hit our pantry took...  but the kids were off school for 2 days.  I spent a lot of time watching coverage, praying for those impacted, and worrying.  What a mess.  There are people I work with who are still without power in Atlanta.  I can't even imagine being in the Florida Keys or Miami or Jacksonville.  

I feel almost bad sharing this, but the down time on Monday and Tuesday was actually kind of nice.  We didn't have sports.  The boys didn't have school work.  There were no social events.  It was just us.  At home.  Working with the kids all here can get a little dicey, but the evenings were kind of awesome!  I cooked.  We all sat down and ate together.  We had dessert!  There was no rushing around.  No splitting of taxi duties.  It was just good family time.  

I am still praying for all those impacted.  I'm working with one of our neighbors to gather recovery supplies to send to Texas and/or Florida.  I've made donations.  If any of you out there reading this have been impacted and there's anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.  I probably can't send you a peaceful meal (with pumpkin pie), but I'll do what I can!

Here are some recent pictures of Beckett.  These are completely unrelated to storm-forced downtime, but I haven't shared them before and they are cute.  It also reminds me that it's nearly birthday collage time.  I better get started on that!

Tonight is a "crazy Thursday".  They are so bad that they have a nickname.  But hey...  there are only 4 more crazy Thursdays - at least for this sport's season.  Spencer has a game.  The little guys both have practice.  Bob is doing the drop offs and then coming to the game to watch the first half before going back to do pick-ups.  Quinn has practice too and we've got a ride lined up for him.  Phew!

Tomorrow turned into a "crazy Friday" because we are in make-up mode from the missed practices earlier this week.  I'm working concessions at the high school game and Bob has youth football duty.  It's the first time (and probably the last) that Zane and Beck will be practicing on the same field at the same time.  Actually should be pretty fun!

Saturday the little guys have games in the AM and then Quinn has a lacrosse clinic in the afternoon run by the Ga Tech coaches.  We'll be ready to chill out and watch the Buckeyes again by Saturday afternoon!  

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Picture of the Week - 8/31/2017

Hi all!

I'm totally celebrating today!  Today should be a holiday.  It's finally the start of College football season AND Spencer plays his first official high school football game tonight with the rest of the freshmen team against Milton.  I'm ridiculously excited to watch him (even if I will also be more than a little nervous about that shoulder...) and then we get to come home and watch the Buckeyes.  Holiday worthy for sure!!!

Here's our annual O H I O picture of the boys.  Love these!  (The pictures AND the boys!!!)

Here's another picture from Jiu Jitsu this week.  Zane earned his first stripe this week.  He was so excited.  It still surprises Bob and I about how much they love JJ.  We really thought it would just be a way to spend the summer, but those guys really love going.  It's adorable - and they are learning a ton!

Have a great week everyone!  Go West!  Go Buckeyes!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Picture of the Week - 8/24/2017

Hi all

I'm still in Scotland and working my way successfully through back-to-back (almost without break) meetings for the last 3.5 days.  I've got about half a day left in the office and then one more night before I get to head back home.  I'm really looking forward to calling that cab to the airport tomorrow morning!

I thought I'd keep the words at a minimum today (mostly because I have almost no time for personal stuff this week...) and share some pictures.  The first couple are of my boys from my mom.  She and my dad have chipped in to help Bob get through the last couple of weeks and I love when she texts me little reminders of what's waiting for me at home!

I also thought I'd share a few pictures from my walk to work.  No famous buildings here...  just what the city of Edinburgh looks like.  I like that particular roundabout because the center has a whole garden in the middle.  And I assure you that not all streets are cobblestone, but there are quite a lot of them around the city.  That makes me glad that I don't wear heels!

The last 2 pictures are of my office building - it's the one with the big glass dome.  I don't work in an old, historic building.  It's much more modern.  Lots of glass and open spaces.  It's actually a pretty cool office...

Hope you are all well!  This weekend the little boys both play their first football game!  And Spencer has his first freshman game on Thursday night.  Yay football!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Picture of the Week - 8/17/2017

Growth is spurt-y...

Have you ever noticed that growth comes in spurts?  I think this is true of most growth, but I'm certainly not an expert.  I know physical growth comes in spurts.  For me, spiritual growth comes in spurts too.  And learning.  Definitely learning.  

We happen to be in the middle of a giant growth spurt right now.  It's probably the biggest and swiftest expansion in our personal network that has happened in a long, long time.  Maybe ever.  Certainly since we move to a new state and were forced to meet all new people.  

We are building our number of acquaintances at a very rapid pace right now - all thanks to youth sports.  We have 4 new teams of people to meet, get to know, get to like, get to enjoy.  I LOVE that about athletics.  LOVE IT! 

Youth sports can bring out the crazy in some people, but for the vast majority of us, we just enjoy watching our kids and socializing on the sidelines.  And when you have 4 kids, you get the benefits of sports-related friendships - times 4.  

Beckett is being coached by Zane's football coach from last year.  So we know some of those people, but we also get to meet half a team full of new families and kids.  And Beckett gets the benefit of some of the kids knowing him already and instantly accepting him - even though he's one of only a couple of Kindergartners on his team.  

There are about 9 kids on Zane's team we've played with before.  This is pretty cool because this is the 3rd year together for most of that group.  It's so comforting, particularly given how many people live in our area and how fast the pace is for everyone these days, that we instantly have those friendly faces.  That benefit of shared experience.  That community.

Speaking of community, there's Quinn.  Lacrosse is kind of like a second home for all of us.  Over the past few months, because of an increase in involvement in the youth program AND because of a new high schooler, we have gotten linked up with the high school coaches.  We are starting to get to know these men who will be a part of our lives for the next 15 years.  (Unless of course someone moves on...)  This is the entry point to a long term relationship.  And it's pretty cool.  And then the rest of our lacrosse family.  Goodness - what good people and what good friends.  There's almost no distinction any more between our "lacrosse people" and "our people".  LOVE THAT!

Spencer's move to high school has changed our network in some pretty surprising ways.  Although looking back at it a little, I'm not really sure why I'm surprised at all.  I should have expected this.  We have 2 different middle schools that combine into our high school.  These kids were rivals last season - they are teammates now.  It's actually really, really cool to see how easy it's been for them to shed the rivalry and link together.  Spencer, in particular, has pleasantly surprised me with his ability to be a bridge between "camps".  This is YET ANOTHER one of those "kid teaches parent" things were we have dove into new relationships with people we've been around, but not with, for 9 years.  

Sports bring people together.  

Last Friday was the first high school scrimmage of the year.  It was the first time Spencer got to play in a high school game under Friday night lights.  He won't get another opportunity until at least next year.  It was so much fun!  I can't even count how many people we ran into that I would call friends.  It was like a giant party - with a nice side-dish of football.  So much fun!

Tomorrow i'm heading over to Scotland for the week.  I'm not very excited about it at all.  I miss so much while I'm gone.  I purposely scheduled this quarter's trip so I wouldn't miss any games, but I will miss all the daily chaos.  And the hugs.  Definitely the hugs.  

Here're some pictures of the little guys in there new jerseys.  They are numbers #23 and #44 this year.  Super random.  Don't you love their game faces???