Thursday, April 19, 2018

Picture of the Week - 4/19/2018

Happy Thursday!

And it really IS a happy day!  The sun is out.  I'm home for the weekend.  We don't have overlapping schedules.  It's a low-stress, high fun kinda weekend *just* around the bend!

And man do I need a low-stress kinda weekend!  My mom asked me today where we were staying for an upcoming out of town lacrosse tournament.  My answer - um...  I haven't even thought about it...  Another telling sign that we've had too much going on...  it's mid-April and I still have 4 weeks left to figure out what the little guys are going to do this summer.  (I do have a fall-back plan...  and it's not like they couldn't just stay here...  but normally by the time we hit March 1st, our summer plans are locked and loaded.)  

I'll get caught up.  Eventually!  

Here's a fun picture of the little guys at one of Quinn's recent lacrosse games.  That electric box has been an interesting fixture for them over the years.  (Because they really have grown up at that park.  I distinctly remember both of them at that field as infants...)  Anyway...  this is the first spring that they have been big/strong enough to climb it themselves.  And Beckett conquered it first - which caused more than a little bit of sibling rivalry-induced motivation for Zane.  LOL

This weekend we have 3 lacrosse games.  I think we only have a handful of weekends of lacrosse left this season.  It goes so fast.  The boys only have something like 24 days of school left.  Crazy!  Spencer's lacrosse season is over.  He starts football spring practice on Monday.  He starts preparing for the summer wrestling tournaments basically now.  He's also in the thick of trying to finish off his freshman year with pride.  Not sure we'll quite get to a happy place with grades in ALL his classes, but he's had a really strong year.  (Spanish is kicking his behind!)

I'm home all next week.  I WILL NOT travel next week.  I don't care who asks!  Next trip is May 1-11, back over to Scotland for an MBS module/class and a week in the office with my team.  Then it's magically summer.  Even the pool will be open when I get back!  We almost made it through one of the busiest stretches we've had in a LONG time.  Almost time to exhale... just a few more weeks.  

Have a great week everyone! 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Picture of the Week - 4/12/2018

Hi everyone!

Tonight marks my last night on this 2 week UK trip.  I'm so excited to go home!  I am currently sitting in my hotel room (in my jammies) on a customer advisory council conference call.  (It's almost 8 here in the UK...  time difference sucks!)  After this wraps up, I'm going to fill up this suitcase and try to get some sleep as I get to leave for the airport tomorrow at 3:45 AM.  Woot!  

From what I understand, it seems like I'm taking the rainy, cold weather home with me - which is less than stellar news.  On the bright side...  maybe some of our weekend activities will be cancelled which would allow me to spend some good cuddle time with my BOYS!  Can't wait!

Catch ya all next week!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Picture of the Week - 4/5/2018

Hi all!

Greetings from the United Kingdom!  We are having a great time on our spring break adventure.  We have been all over London and are halfway through our Edinburgh trip.  We've seen a LOT of stuff!  Museums, undergrounds, buses, trains, old stuff, new stuff, traffic, castles, dungeons, gardens, snow, rain, sun, lots of crowds - and we've had lots of fun!  Its super cool to get to spend quality time with people I like!  :)  I *do* really wish Zane and Beck were here with us too.  I think (OK, I know) that they are enjoying their time with Berber and Pappy more than they would enjoy this whirlwind tour, but I miss those little guys!

Here are a couple of fun pictures from today.   Tomorrow we are going to head toward Hollyrood and explore the palace a bit and see what other kind of fun adventures we can get into on our last day together!

Until next week!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Picture of the Week - 3/29/2018

I know I'm biased, but I really have the best kids!  Goodness...  they blow me away!

I've been away from home a lot lately.  And I miss my kids - and they miss me back - which is both heart warming and a bit heart wrenching.  

Zane and Beck found some old cell phones in our junk drawer.  They were determined to get them working.  They bugged Bob - and bugged him and bugged him and bugged him.  Zane was particularly persistent while I was away from home last week.  Bob worked on them for a while, then got distracted with things like cooking and care taking and taxi service, then worked a bit more.  They needed new Apple IDs and the old kind of chargers and had to get cleared out.  None of that is hard, but just takes time.  

So Bob would do a bit and then walk away and Zane would ask if they were done.  Rinse and repeat.  Finally on the day before I was scheduled to come home, Zane asked again if they were ready and Bob said no, but he'd work on them that night.  Zane said, "OK, but I really wanted them so I could Facetime with Mom."  I mean, really!  How sweet is that child!!!

Zane and Beck now have working phones (well "working" when on wifi...) and now have the ability to both text and Facetime with me.  This week while I was at my strategy meetings (only away for 2 nights this week...) I got pretty consistent texts from the boys.  (Aside, I'm sort of also blown away with both Zane's vocabulary and his sense of humor, which is VERY dry.)  I LOVE this!  I mean REALLY love it!  It is so cool to be able to communicate with them while I'm away and to get a glimpse of what's going on with them.  I also get lots of pictures of the dogs.  LOL

This picture is a selfie Zane took and sent to me Monday morning before he left for school.  Gosh my kids are cool!

Here are a couple of really cool pictures of Quinn too from his game last weekend.  He had a great Low to Low shot and the league photographer happened to be in the perfect spot to capture a whole series of pictures of the shot.  Quinn's really growing up in the last 6 months or so.  He's easily taller than me...  has muscle definition and is turning into a young man.  Sigh...  only 2 months of middle school left for him and then onto high school!

I can't wait to get to spend some quality time with Spencer and Quinn and Bob next week.  We are leaving on Saturday night for a trip over to London and Edinburgh.  It will be a cool - and very different kind of - trip!  Mostly I'm just looking forward to hanging out with these cool kids - while my little dudes hang with Berber and Pappy and send me adorable text messages!

Happy Easter everyone!