Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Men (almost) in time for Merry Christmas

I really wanted to wait until this was totally done before I made a blog post about it, but I didn't make it time for Christmas Eve.  And then I saw Bonnie Hunter's Holiday link up and I decided I would bite the bullet and put this up early.  Who knows...  maybe I'll actually finish the binding tonight just in time for Santa to be impressed.

I made these fun little ghosts (Boo Brothers) back at Halloween time and my husband suggested that I make some for Christmas.  I'm SO glad I did!  I love these guys!!

Here's my design for the Merry Men... 

I picked out golds and greens to match my dining room.  :)

Sorry for the terrible picture - table runners are kind of hard to photograph!

After a LONG hiatus (through Thanksgiving and Christmas prep) I finally pulled these guys back out to get them finished up.

Here's my favorite tree getting basted and ready for quilting.
I decided to go SUPER easy and do a very simple quilt design on these guys.  It went really fast, but now I am absolutely kicking myself for not finding some metallic thread to use for the quilting.  Oh well... 

I'm not quite done with this yet.  The binding needs to get finished, but that may have to wait until Christmas festivities settle down a bit.  I've got a houseful of little boys and a whole bunch of traditions to enjoy!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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