Thursday, December 11, 2014

Picture of the Week - 12/11/2014

First of all I owe many of you a big thank you for putting up with my whining last week!  I got back many words of encouragement and appreciated every single one of them!  I'm in a MUCH better frame of mind this week!

Developments since last Thursday include:
  1. We only had to drive to Stockbridge one time.  While it was sad that Spencer's team lost and his little league football career is officially over, it is also a relief that we didn't have to juggle that schedule last week!
  2. Quinn's lacrosse team went 0-4 in their tournament last weekend.  Not super fun to lose, but it IS super fun to watch Quinn play!  More on that in a minute...
  3. My baking is DONE and DELIVERED!
  4. My hives are gone and the allergist confirmed yesterday that I am NOT allergic to any foods.  I'm officially diagnosed as idiopathic chronic hives and have instructions on what to do if I have another episode.  All in all, while an awful experience, it could have been MUCH worse.
  5. We were able to get a visit to Santa done last Saturday.  I make it sound like a chore...  and it kind of is.  I have 3 believers and one of them wouldn't go near the jolly elf.  On the bright side, Zane made sure Santa knows what Beckett would like under the tree. 
  6. And in related news...  my shopping list is down to the last few things.  (I freaking LOVE Amazon!!!) 
  7. I am down to 6 days of work left this year. 
  8. We have another lacrosse tournament this weekend, but now that we've done one, we know what to expect which makes things somehow much easier.

I still have some stuff on my "must" do list, but I'm not sweating it.  I will attempt to get some traditional photos taken this week.  It will make me very sad if I can't convince them all to put on a santa hat in front of the tree again this year.  But with a 3 year old in the house...  everything is iffy.

I thought I would share some pictures of Quinn from the tournament last weekend.  He had a couple of OK games and one REALLY great one.  He scored 7 goals in total and 4 in one game.  

This is Quinn waiting to go into the game.  Yes, that is a yeti with a lacrosse stick on his sock.

Action shot!  Quinn has the ball and is jetting across the field!

Having a big brother is often helpful!  In one of the games, Quinn was matched up with this giant kid.  He showed no fear and had no issue dropping a hip into the dude going after a ground ball. 

And this last picture I just had to share because it cracks me up.  Rooster has taken to LOVING on Ozzie pretty regularly.  When he's in the mood, he will rub all over Ozzie's legs.  It's pretty hilarious because Oz always looks embarrassed about the whole thing.  LOLOL

I hope you all have a great week!  Hard to believe that Christmas is already just 2 weeks away!  I'm feeling more and more Christmas spirit every day.  This is another benefit of having the little boys around.  It's kind of impossible not to get caught up in all the fun, festive holiday stuff with them.  Yesterday Zane came home from school with 8 decorated paper candy canes.  They were all different.  Some had words on them, some pictures of trees or stars, and some were just colored.  Zane insisted on taping them all over the house.  There was a time that may have bothered me, but right now I love it! 

Go color a paper candy cane and tape it to your door!  Bet it will make you smile too!

PS - Wish Bob a Happy Birthday tomorrow.  We will be celebrating this weekend with another trip to the speed and agility camp Friday night and another lacrosse tournament Saturday/Sunday.  Good thing he loves his boys!


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