Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picture of the Week - 8/30/2012

We're settling into a routine.  It's a crazy routine, but it's working!  And it's GOOD!
I wanted to share a picture of the end of one of the lacrosse practices because I think it's totally cool how they do lacrosse practices.  Unlike football, where things are kinda cut-throat and the teams would never dream of helping each other, fall lacrosse is truely a developmental league.  They do have practices each week that are just their team to work on plays, etc.  But they also have practices where the whole league (even different age groups) get together and run through drills.  This allows the coaches who specialize in offense or defense or whatever to work with ALL the kids on that specific thing.  I just think that is awesome!  Quinn is having a really great time with lacrosse.  This is the first sport he's played where he's had to work so hard and get so dirty and stinky and sweaty - and he's loving it.  He's one of the oldest kids on his team which means that despite the lack of previous playing time, he's hanging with the better kids on the team.  This is so so so SO good for his self-confidence.  He actually had one of the coaches kids tell him last night that he was "one of the best on their team".  He beamed.  (So did I!)  Anyway...  at the end of these skill clinic-type practices they have a post-practice chat with all the coaches and then they all get together with their sticks in the air and "break it down".  Very cool!  You can't even see Q in this picture - he's somewhere in the middle of that mass of stinky humanity.  But I love the idea of community and team work and SPORT!
Also sending along a new picture of Beck and one of B & Z playing in a box.  After all these years I'm still amazed at how much fun a plain cardboard box can be!
Have a great long weekend - and be safe!  We don't have any super exciting plans, just some chores that I'd like to get done and maybe a trip to the pool!
PS - Finally found a good babysitter to help out on the crazier of our crazy evenings.  Woo Hoo!  She's coming over on Thursdays for now so I can take a quilting class with Berber.  You know...  just felt the need to get into a hobby since we have so much free time right now.  (ha ha ha ha HA - that's funny!)  But seriously - I'm super excited to get to do something for me and the babysitter has even agreed to the occasional date night - which is like a double-win!  Three cheers for poor college students! :)