Thursday, October 2, 2014

Picture of the Week - 10/2/2014

As we take a short break in our fall birthday celebrations, I thought I might take a minute to talk about Rooster. 

Remember Rooster? 

The first few weeks after he came home, he stayed entirely in our bedroom.  Mostly in our bathroom.  After a few weeks he started venturing out into the upstairs hallway.  Then he started poking his head through the stair rails and watching what we were doing.

During all this time the dogs were mostly tolerant during the day.  They would occasionally run upstairs (especially Ozzie) to see what he was doing.  But mostly they ignored him.

In the evenings, it was kind of another story.  Rooster loved the evenings because (I think) he got bored during the day.  So when we went up to put everyone to bed and watch a little TV, Rooster took it as an opportunity to terrorize Oz.  He would jump over the gate and cause Oz to race around like crazy.  Then they would settle down just long enough for Roo to come over an swat Oz on the face and they would race around again like crazy.  (My house is a zoo...)

One day after the little boys had left and Spencer was the only one around, Rooster wandered downstairs!  He walked right past the kitchen like he owned the place and hung out in the toy room for a bit. 

This cause the dogs to WIG OUT and off to the races.  (crazy zoo)

But Roo had gotten a taste of freedom and he would not be deterred.  He came right back down and spent the day hanging out on the kitchen counters - well outside the reach of crazy Ozzie.

The days that followed had Rooster coming downstairs quite a lot.  He got to the point that he didn't seem to mind the dogs - and in fact I think he kind of made fun of them for not having counter privileges.  LOL  He's a pretty fabulously cool cat.

The little boys got the BIGGEST kick out of Rooster being around them more.  He was starting to feel like part of the family.  And the chaos really didn't seem to phase him at all!

This week Rooster has decided that he should spend his days with Bob and the dogs in the basement.  This makes me laugh for so many reasons! 

I'm really glad that he's gotten so comfortable with our crazy family.  (loud crazy zoo might be more like it...)  Even if we do have at least one fast, crazy dog/cat chase through the living room, up the stairs, around the landing, into the bedroom and into the bathroom - claws scraping and fur flying - every single day.  The evening "romps" add to our special ambiance quite perfectly. 

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