Thursday, October 16, 2014

Picture of the Week - 10/16/2014

It's hard to think of a place to start talking about Beckett.  When I start to write something funny, I feel like I'm not being serious enough about our baby turning 3 this coming Sunday.  Like if I don't take this seriously, I will somehow be diminishing the importance.  When I start to write something lovey, it makes me more than a little nostalgic and sounds overly mushy.  And Beck is anything but mushy.  Maybe I should just keep this super simple and sincerely send up a giant prayer of thanks for getting to spend time with this special little dude.

Beckett.  Bucket.  Bucky.  Becky (only Zane is allowed to call him Becky)

I can't imagine our family without the joy this child brings.  Utter, unadulterated J. O. Y.  If you've been around him, you know...  it's impossible not to smile around Bucky.  I can't even tell you the number of people who gush over how cute he is.  We have lots of opportunities to be around people who are (almost always) past the point in their lives where they get the chance to be around a 3 year old.  Most of the families we spend most of our time with have kids who are 10 or 12.  Very few of them have littles at home.  So maybe Beckett is just a nice reminder to them of how things were when their own kids were little.  Maybe...

Or maybe it's the fact that he is ALWAYS smiling.  Always.  From the time he figured out how to curl those sweet red lips into a grin.  From the moment he was born showing off those dimples.  Oh those dimples.  How I love those dimples!  He is a smiley kid.  Always a smile.  I get pictures from school of him laughing and smiling and having fun almost daily.  (I don't get nearly as many of Zane, so I know Beck's hogging the camera!)  And he also seems to have jumped in front of my own camera more than his fair share this year too.  When I was pulling pictures for his collage I had SOOOO many good (or funny) pictures of Beckett.  Many of which I have never even gotten a chance to show.  He's smiley.  :)

We are now done with diapers and pacis.  We packed away our crib.  (Don't talk to me about our house no longer having a crib...  I'm having a very hard time with that.)  Beck can help get himself dressed and can get his own snacks.  He climbs and throws and rides and catches.  He was the first of my boys to get stitches.  (Not surprising really...)  He thinks nothing of climbing to the top of a chain link fence or jumping down a set of stairs.  He talks with the most adorable southern twang.  He willingly goes off to play with kids he's never met before - even when Zane hangs back.  He has the eye/hand coordination of boys much older.  His sports career will benefit from growing up in a house of brothers.  No doubt.  

And boy oh boy does he love those brothers.  Remember my New Year's Resolution this year?  It was, simply, to hug more.  You know what???  I kept it!  You know what else???  It rubbed off on everyone else too - most definitely my littlest Bovy boy.  Beckett hugs all the time - everyone.  No joke, the first thing he did this morning was go in to wake up Quinn with the sweetest of hugs.  To this day it KILLS me when the boys love on each other.  It's common enough that it shouldn't have a big impact, but it does.  Every. Single. Time.  How lucky are they all - especially the littlest - to grow up with so many people to love on and play with.  How lucky are Bob and I?

Playtime.  Wow!  That's probably the biggest change in Bucky over the last year.  He really plays now.  He takes Zane's lead all the time and Zane is our little imaginative story builder.  The two of them are inseparable and have the best time together.  I love watching them play and listening to their stories.  

I can't imagine life without Beckett.  He completed our family in the most perfect way.  I've referred to him many times as the exclamation point on a story that was already pretty darn good.  I can't think of a better way to put it.  He completed us.  We are so blessed to have him in our lives.  

I wish my Beck the happiest of 3rd birthdays.  I know, from experience, that this 3rd year will have lots of ups and downs.  I know how challenging 3 year olds can be.  I can only imagine how hard this particular smart, determined, thinks-he-can-do-anything boy is going to be.  But I also know how much fun we will have.  How much we will laugh!  I know it's a phase and easier times will follow, so I will work hard to enjoy all of those precious, innocent moments.  And as anxious as I may be to get through the 3 year old drama, I will also pray for time to slow down.  These boys grow up too fast.  

And I will thank God every day for letting me enjoy this little boy! 

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