Thursday, October 23, 2014

Picture of the Week - 10/23/2014


This weekend we made the annual trek up to Burt's pumpkin farm.  We've been doing this trip every year since Spencer was one.  I'm pretty sure we haven't missed any - including the time we went up there with 2 week old Zane when it was about 15 degrees and the time I was super pregnant with Beckett. 

This year may have been the best trip yet!

We had originally planned on going up to the mountains the weekend prior, but Mother Nature ruined those plans with some wet and nasty weather.  So we had to re-plan for October 19th.  That day also happens to be Beckett's birthday, and we had other plans we had to tackle too.  So we knew it was going to be a long busy day.

As I like to do, we got out of the house at a very early hour to beat the crowds to Burt's.  I am pretty good with Photoshop, but it's hard to erase lots of random people from the backdrops of our pictures.  We got there as they opened the gates and had our choice of backdrops.  Lovely!




Bob and me 

After I made the boys do all of their posing, I brought Berber and Pappy in for their shots!


I adore pumpkin pictures!!!

We rode the hayride and then were able to wonder all over the pumpkin patch looking for the perfect pumpkins to turn into Jack-o-lanterns.

By the time we had made our selections the crowds were already starting to get thick!  Stay tuned to find out what our pumpkins turn into this year!  Zane already has big plans!!

After we were done, we took a time out to celebrate Beckett with some cake (for breakfast) in the mountains.  Honestly, it couldn't have been any nicer.  We had the picnic area to ourselves and found a really nice place right by the creek.  The boys had a blast eating cake and then feeding fish. 

Following Burt's we headed over to Hillcrest Orchards.  Hillcrest is an apple farm that they have continued to add attractions to over the years.  Now it's a destination in itself - regardless of your desire to pick (or buy) apples.  They have a petting zoo and hay rides and a jumpy pillow and go carts and corn mazes.  It's pretty fun!

Our first stop at Hillcrest was the petting zoo.  Zane remembers holding the chicks here from our last trip (which I think was at least 2 years ago...  that child's memory is scary good!)  After the petting zoo and some time on the big slides, which are built into the side of a mountain, we found the pony rides.  Zane rode a pony at the fair last week, but Beckett chickened out.  So we were a little surprised that he wanted to ride these ponies.  Look how happy he was!!!

We found this awesome pile of old tractor tires that was clearly meant to be climbed.  The boys all had a great time on these things.  Nothing like playing on garbage!!!  I loved it though because it was a great place to take pictures!!!

I even made Berber and Pappy climb the tire tower!

After all the fun in the mountains we headed back south for some lunch and a lacrosse game.  Quinn scored a great goal while we sat on the hill in the sun and enjoyed being outside. 

(Aside...  because we started the day so early and were in the mountains we had to plan for greatly changing temperatures.  I had about 3 outfits packed for each person and by the end of the day the minivan looked like a dressing room had exploded in it!  Good times!!)

We left the field with a destination of Build-a-Bear in our sights.  We don't do birthday parties for each boy every year.  It's too stressful and expensive.  But we do like to make sure they are all celebrated.  Bob and I realized a couple of weeks ago that the little boys had never been to Build-a-Bear and thought Beck's birthday was the perfect time to go. 

It was simply adorable to watch Beckett make his Olaf.  Zane and Quinn also got in on the action.  Spencer declined a new stuffed friend.  :)

As everyone began to fade, we headed off to dinner with my sister and her family.  It was a good time - and I'm very glad they stuck us in the back of the restaurant as we may have been a little loud. 

This is the kind of day I want the boys to remember for a long time.  Crazy busy and packed with stuff, but we were together and having a great time.  And a big shout out to Mother Nature for helping to make it the perfect day with beautiful fall weather.  I love love love October in Georgia.  It's just such a beautiful time of  year with sunshine, very little rain, bright blue skies, no humidity, and gorgeous scenery everywhere.  Awesome!

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