Thursday, November 6, 2014

Picture of the Week - 11/6/2014

Today was a frustrating combination of technology challenges and interruptions which have kept me from writing this email until I got home.  And now it's a little bit of a rush job because we have to leave in half an hour for our first ever band concert.  I quiver with excitement.  :)

It appears that fall is over.  Mother Nature let us enjoy sunshine and beautiful temps and then as soon as the calendar switched to November the thermostat started dropping.  From what I'm reading about the coming deep chill forecast for next week, I don't think the cool temps are going anywhere soon.  And it makes me kinda dread the trip I have to Minneapolis in a couple of weeks.  Next week I'm heading up to Asheville for a night and hoping that there will be SOME leaves left on the trees for the ride up there. 

Speaking of leaves...  how adorable is Zane playing in a big old pile of leaves at my parent's house?  Jumping in a pile of leaves was on Zane's autumn bucket list, so it's good he got an opportunity to take care of that!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love 5 year olds?  Oh my...  I think maybe I even
forgot a little bit how cool 5 year olds are.  Right now Zane is in the throes of learning to read.  And he's trying to read everything.  And he get SO excited when he figures something out.  Adorable!

Last week Zane got to go on his very first field trip to Uncle Shuck's corn maze and pumpkin farm.  On the Goddard bus!  It was clearly a highlight!!  They talked about it for weeks before they went and the morning of the trip, he vibrated all the way to school.  A couple of nights ago he took a stack of paper and some crayons into the toyroom and disappeared for quite a long time.  He came out with about 8 different scenes from his trip.  He drew the busses, the tire mountain, the pumpkins, the corn maze (complete with a puddle they had to jump over), and the hay ride.  He then spent 15 minutes "reading" the story to me.  When I suggested that we staple the papers together into a book so he could share it with his friends, you would have thought it was Christmas morning by the look on his face.  Here's a picture of him reading the story to his friends.

In a little bit of Beckett news...  and also school related...  Beck got moved to the Preschool Blue room today.  Ack!  Preschool.  Goodness...  Looking ahead, this means he will probably move to pre-K in the fall.  Ack!  Ack! Ack!
I would be remiss if I didn't share some pictures from Halloween.  We had a good time this year!  Spencer chose to stay home (which kinda broke my heart) and Quinn went out with some friends.  If I'm being specific, a group of 4 GIRLS showed up on our front porch looking for him to walk with them.  He had a blast! 
That left Bob and I to go trick-or-treating with the little guys - who dressed up like Power Rangers this year.  We only made it around half the neighborhood before calling it a night.  They were so cute!

Have a great week everyone - and stay warm!

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