Thursday, November 20, 2014

Picture of the Week - 11/20/2014

So I'm sitting in a hotel room in Minneapolis, MN freezing my patootie off!  I think it's 11 degrees outside.  Seriously - why is it so cold in here when the thermostat says 72.  Do they use a different scale up here in the frozen tundra?  Whatever fortitude I used to get me through 4 years of walking around in freezing weather while at Ohio State has clearly left my system.  The only thing getting me through this morning is the knowledge that I'm heading back home tonight and the high temperature in Atlanta on Sunday is forecast to be near 70.  So, yeah...  all you hearty folks in Minnesota...  you can have your snow and ice and freezing winds!  I'm gonna happily return to the land of sweet tea and bugs as big as my head.  (PS - it's been cold in Atlanta this week too and the 60s on Sunday and Monday are going to quickly be replaced by another arctic blast, but at least we get breaks down south!)

Here's a picture of the view out of my hotel room.  Brutal!

Given the weirdly cold weather we have had back home and the fact that there is snow spitting from the sky right outside my window right now, it's a little weird to share these pictures of the little guys having fun last weekend in the leaves.  We've lived in our current house for over 7 years and this is the first time I remember having leaves like this in the front yard.  Maybe it's because the trees are getting so much bigger?  Maybe it had to do with the exceptionally nice October we had which was followed by temperatures that kind of went off the cliff.  Maybe it was just the absence of any big fall storms to knock the leaves off and blow them out of the yard. 

Who knows...  what I do know is that this was the best leaf pile we've had in ages and the little guys had a BLAST. 

This weekend we are looking forward to a visit from Grandma Sharon.  We will all be heading downtown for the Georgia D1 league championship football game on Saturday evening.  Spencer's Paladins team is going for back-to-back league championships.  Watch Facebook for updates!  This will be a rematch of a game we lost earlier this year, so it's payback time!  And if we happen to win, we can look forward to more football into December again this year. 
Have a good one everyone - and stay warm!

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