Thursday, July 30, 2015

Picture of the Week - 7/30/2015

Why yes, our schedule IS about to go all kinds of football-crazy.  And I seriously couldn't be more excited about it.

Spencer has been in football for months and months, but things are getting serious now!  3 hours a day, every day, kind of serious!  His first scrimmage is a week from Saturday down in Camden County GA.  They pretty much grow football players down there, so it should be a great experience for the team.  The competition will be great - not to mention getting to travel on a fancy bus, stay in a hotel, and enjoy all kinds of gross, stinky, boy-bonding activities - all without parents around.  The coaches don't even want the parents staying in the same hotel.  Coach said "For those couple of days, the boys are mine."  Well OK then...

Zane had his first football practice on Tuesday night.  You guys, he's SOOOOO cute.  I can't stand it.  The whole team - a bunch of little cuties!  I don't think Spencer was ever that little and cute.  I about died of the cute-overload!  Zane did great.  It's really a win if you can get a 5 year old through the whole practice without quitting or crying.  Zane hung right in there.  He got absolutely destroyed more than once.  (Remember there are kids on a K/1 team that have never played before, but also some who are returning after a whole year of experience.)  I'm talking, total-pancake, flat on his back, destroyed.  But he got right back up and went again.  He listened to the coaches and tried to do everything they asked.  He made me totally proud!

PS - Yes, Zane is going to be a Wolverine.  No, we do not yell "Go Blue".  No, we do not consider moving to avoid having a family of Wolverines.  It's just not that big a deal...

After practice Bob was telling him how awesome he looked and how much fun we had watching him.  He mentioned that we were really proud that he didn't quit.  He replied, "Dad, I'm a Bovenizer.  And Bovenizers don't quit."  Amen, little man!  (And remind me to thank Spencer for teaching him that gem!)

Speaking of Spencer, Zane's evening was not complete - as in he WOULD NOT GO TO BED - until Spence got home from practice.  Little brother really wanted to share his experience with his idol.  And Spence was so good about it.  He listened and was (I think) genuinely pleased and excited that Zane had fun - and didn't suck.  Watching the two of them share this common thing - which I hope will turn into a shared love - was another of those mom-moments that I hope I never forget.  It's another of those times I feel more than blessed to get the opportunity to raise 4 boys.  Another reminder of how lucky they are to have each other.  I love those crazy kids!

This weekend we have football practice for Zane and then a mostly quiet couple of days.  I am going to try hard to avoid the temptation to pick up a brush and start painting again.  We accomplished a TON over the last couple of weekends, but I think we all need a little downtime before school starts - a week from today.  Yes, Thursday we will put 3 of our 4 boys onto buses and wish them well as they start another year.  Wow!

Here are a couple of before and after pictures of our painting remodel.  We still need to do the little hallway off the kitchen leading to the toy room and the upstairs hall landing.  And all the trim in the foyer/dining room.  I'm pretty sure we are going to outsource the two-story foyer walls, stairwell, and ceilings.  I'm hoping we can get the whole thing done by Christmas.  Gonna be tough as our "free time" just evaporated.

Have a great week everyone!!

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