Thursday, August 6, 2015

Picture of the Week - 8/6/2015

Today is back to school day!

And morning #1 of the 2015/2016 school year was a smashing success!  Everyone was on time.  There were no tears.  There were smiles and packed bags and they even let me fix their hair.  Today is a great day!

Spencer is off to 7th grade.  I think he's going to love this year!  He's no longer just a 6th grader.  Now he's an upper classman.  Not quite as cool as an 8th grader, but I think his position on the middle school football team will more than make up for that!  He's taking all advanced/accelerated classes - and still playing tuba in band.  I think it could be an academically challenging year for him, but I love the fact that he's so confident that he really believes he can do anything.  The sky is the limit!

Quinn is entering middle school as a 6th grader.  I think he was nervous for a minute going into Open House, but coming out he is ready to GO!  Not sure what they did during Open House Viper Camp, but I like it!  He is going to be a social butterfly - without a doubt.  We got him a cell phone 2 days ago and he has already received more calls than Spencer has in the last year.  He loves his buddies - and can't wait to make some new friends.  He is going to be involved in everything.  I can't wait to experience middle school through Quinn - because it's going to be drastically different than watching through his big brother's eyes.  Quinn will put himself out there - for everyone and everything.  I'm sure that will lead to hurt feelings and disappointments - but I am equally sure it will result in a TON of fun and a wealth of new experiences.  Quinn is going to show everyone just how Mighty he is!

Zane is starting his elementary school journey today and is now officially a Whitlow Wolf.  He wore his new Kindergartner shirt, gobbled his breakfast, and memorized his teacher's name.  I thought he might be a little shy at the bus stop, but boy was I wrong.  He got into line and walked right onto that bus like he's done it a million times before.  He was grinning from ear to ear - so was I!  I hope that Zane learns to relax a little and that the teachers can keep him engaged.  Since he has already been through kindergarten curriculum once before, he's probably going to be a little bored for a while, but we totally lucked out getting a teacher who has a 1st grader who also went through kindergarten twice.  So she totally GETS IT!  And really, is there any better feeling than knowing the woman who will be guiding your child for the next 9 months really understands him?  Zane is about to blossom.  He's going to ROCK elementary school!

Beckett is still in daycare and more than a little miffed about that.  He went from being the youngest in his class to the oldest when they rearranged all the class placements last week.  He's academically ready for Pre-K, but emotionally maybe not so much.  (Also he's technically too young for pre-K by almost 3 months.)  He has a hard time listening sometimes...  a lot of times...  So they let him stay in the preschool room for a while.  I think he's upset that his friends all moved on.  I was a little upset for him.  But I really like the new teacher in that room.  And I think, as so many other things that happen, that this can be a really good learning experience for him.  He was disappointed - good!  Use that feeling and grow from it, little man.  Understand that there are consequences to your actions.  Learn that lesson now and you will make better choices for years to come.  (Plus, I really think they will move him to Pre-K by the first of the year anyway...)

Here's a picture of my gang.  I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I was that the big boys got up and moving in time to get this picture!  Their bus comes to pick them up an hour after Zane's!!
Have a great day everyone!

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