Thursday, August 13, 2015

Picture of the Week - 8/13/2015

Are you guys tired of hearing about football yet?  I sure hope not - because we are just getting started.

Spencer played in his first middle school scrimmage and real game this past week.  The scrimmage trip down to Camden County was a great experience for the team.  It was lots of bonding and fun for the boys - despite a scary incident with one of our players who ended up leaving the field on a stretcher.  He's going to be fine now - but it was pretty terrifying at the time.  Even with the injury, the boys seemed to have a really good time - I know Spencer did.

The Vipers won their first regular season game on Tuesday night with a score of 47-0.  They looked awesome.  Can I brag for just a minute?  Spence was one of only two 7th graders to get to start in the game.  He's first string Defensive Line - playing right tackle.  Seriously proud mama moment.  He had a fantastic game - with at least 3 tackles - and gained a ton of confidence in the process.  To make things even better for him, he was directly across from a boy who was on his Paladins team last year.  He won the one-on-one consistently.  Like I said...  much to be proud of watching that game from the sidelines.

Here's a picture of him flying over a guy in pursuit of the ball carrier.  I got this same moment from 2 different photographers* and 2 different angles - which is pretty neat.  I don't know if I've ever seen Spencer this far off the ground before - so I had to share.  (He is number 49 - or just look for the all white shoes.)

Here are some other fun pictures from the game!

 In the picture above you can see Spence beating #70 - his teammate from last year's Paladins team.

In other news - Quinn starts lacrosse on Monday - and with it we add 2-3 more practices every week with games starting in a few weeks.  Zane's first game is on August 22nd.  If you are bored and want to spend some time at a ball field, give me a shout - we will be out and about nearly every day until mid-November.

Have a great week everyone!

*Photo credit to one of our awesome team moms (Melanie Zabetakis) and the team photographer, Michael Chung.

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