Thursday, August 27, 2015

Picture of the Week - 8/27/2015

Greetings from the UK!

I've been hanging out this week in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I would love to be able to tell you that I've had a fabulous time and gotten a good taste of the city, but alas...  I have not.  It's been a good trip because I've gotten to meet lots of other Craneware employees.  And everyone has been great.  But my days are filled with training and meetings - and the evenings have been a combination of team dinners and late night conference calls.  Apparently "the Americans" aren't very good at respecting that the second half of the US day is pretty late over here.  I shall try to remember to be a good international team member upon my return to the US.  

The parts of the city I have seen (largely from a taxi) have been very interesting.  It's a neat place for sure - and a good reminder that it's important to travel and learn about other cultures.  Things are just enough different here to be pretty fascinating.  It's a neat country.  But I will be happy to be back home with consistent air conditioning and quality deli meats.  (Catered lunches have been, um, underwhelming.)  Today I have a day packed full of meetings again.  There are more people to talk to and things to work out than we have time to cram into a week.  So yes, I will have to come back.  Probably sooner than I had anticipated.  

I suppose it's a good thing that Bob and the boys seem to be doing just fine at home.  It's a big relief when I get the daily update from Bob with a recap of their day.  I miss them all a whole lot...  

Here's a picture of the view from my hotel at sunset.  It's awfully pretty - and awfully noisy at night.  Catch you next week - from stateside!  Cheers!

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