Thursday, September 3, 2015

Picture of the Week - 9/3/2015


We aren't overly focused on traditions in our family (at least not in my opinion) but there are a few that I love and am determined to continue.  These things (events/activities/etc) are the things that I hope the boys will think of when they reflect on our family.  I suppose this is true for most groups.  

I could go into detail about some of these family traditions (this email is one of them), but I fear I would write for days and not scratch the surface of what I want to say.  We have some daily traditions (is it a tradition if it's daily or just a habit?) - like the *exact* words Bob and Quinn exchange every night before bed.  We have some randomly timed traditions - like every time we go to IKEA we have pizza on the way home.  And of course there are yearly traditions.  Stuff that happens at the same time every year is probably most common.  We get new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  We visit Burt's pumpkin patch every October.  We celebrate the last day of school at a fancy restaurant.  I make a photo collage for each boy on his birthday.  And we gear up every year for football season.  

We, as a family, enjoy watching football of all kinds, but particularly college.  It doesn't hurt that we happen to be Buckeye fans - and they have been very fun to watch in recent years.  Pretty much as soon as Beckett could stand and follow directions, I made the boys form the well-known O-H-I-O as a kick off celebration for the new college football season.  Someday I envision having a whole awesome series of these pictures.  Individually they are pretty cool, but as the collective in my mind - totally awesome!  Here's the 2015 version of our O-H-I-O picture.  

And the previous pictures for a fun comparison!

This is a tradition I can't wait to keep!  

Go Bucks!

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