Thursday, July 16, 2015

Picture of the Week - 7/16/2015

Another newsy kind of update this week.

1. Work - I am slowly getting settled in.  We are getting used to the routine a little more every day.  The commute is still bad, but getting better.  I am going to be shifting to an early schedule as I start to wrap up some transitioning activities.  I have found this week that if I can leave my house by 6:30, I can make it down here in great time.  That departure time probably needs to be earlier when the summer is over and school traffic picks back up, but I'll figure that out when August gets here.  It's a good thing we are morning people!  The evenings are a little more challenging.  I will eventually be moving to a schedule that allows me to leave the office around 3-3:30.  This should put me in front of the worst of the evening rush hour and get me home in time for our hectic evening activities.  For now, I'm still too new to just up and leave every day, but we will get there!  There is also going to be more travel in this job.  Nature of the company and the position...  My development team is in Edinburgh - so be on the lookout for updates from the Scottish Highlands.  I guess on the bright side, the boys are easier now than they were the last time I had a job that required lots of travel.  The downside of travel, well...  there are plenty.  But all things considered, I have been very happy with my introduction to this job.  I am more convinced that this is going to be a good fit than any of the other new positions I've taken over the last 10 years.  And that's a good feeling!

2. Spencer - Spence is enjoying his last "free" week before the official start of the football season.  I have to kind of laugh because we've had football activities going on now since January.  So it's more than a little misleading to say that his season is just starting.  Up until now, however, all the stuff has been optional.  Monday starts mandatory DAILY practice.  He's ready.  We are all pretty excited - even if it does mean that we probably won't have weeknight dinner together again until November.  Here's a picture of the Lift-a-Thon from last night.  Today he's off at a team building paint ball event.  Monday they buckle down and get ready for the season.  His first scrimmage is a short 3 weeks from Saturday!  Goodbye summer.  You will be missed.

3. Quinn - Q has been going through a lacrosse camp this week.  He's having a blast with it - largely because he's a bit older than most of the other kids participating and a whole lot faster than they are.  Speed is a great thing!  He's kind of a camp superstar.  It's always so nice to see him getting a confidence boost.  He's going to be playing lacrosse this fall.  LAX season is officially in the spring, so fall lacrosse is a much more laid back affair.  It's more developmental - more training.  Lots of fun.  The mighty is moving up to U13 this year - which is the next age group.  He's small for that group, but he's fast and nimble.  It will be pretty fun to watch.

4. Zane - Zane is gearing up for his own changes this fall - and they are big ones.  Zane goes to evaluations for his own football program on Saturday.  He'll be playing on a K/1 team just like Spencer did 7 years ago.  He's also getting ready for Kindergarten.  Craziness!  He has just 2 short weeks before we get to go meet his teacher and show him how to ride the bus and all that fun school stuff.  He's so excited.  Here's a picture of Zane and Beck playing lacrosse one night.  He's a great little instructor to Beckett (partly because he's a wee bit bossy and partly because he doesn't forget anything his coaches have ever said to him), but I think at some point the student is gonna surpass the teacher with those two.  Beck is a beast!

5.  Beckett - Speaking of Beck, he's still crazy.  He is still more ornery than any of this brothers.  We still get about a note a week from his daycare teachers about some kind of trouble he's gotten into.  Yesterday he put his sheet over his head while everyone was getting ready for nap time and proceeded to run around the room.  He, of course, smacked into something since he couldn't see anything and ended up with a bloody nose for his transgressions.  When we correct him for these things he simply looks at us and says, "I'll make good choices tomorrow."  Yeah...  right...  Despite the fact that he seems to be constantly in trouble at school, his teachers love him.  In fact, I think he's taken over the position of Favorite Bovy Boy with Ms. Karen - knocking Quinn right off that pedestal.  It's really hard not to love him because he is freaking adorable.  I fear that Beckett is going to have a bit of a rough fall.  he's already worried about how much he's going to miss Zane at Goddard.  My bigger fear is that he's going to want to be doing all the things his brothers are doing - and he's just not old enough.  He wants to play "carosse" and he wants football pads more than I can say.  Keeping him off the fields t his fall is going to be a huge challenge.  Here's a picture of Beck and Zane the evening that Zane's new practice football pants came in the mail.  They insisted on getting all suited up - cleats, pants, helmets - and spent half and hour slamming into our football practice dummy - and each other.  They finished the evening sweaty and tired and happy.  Just the way I like them!

Have a great week everyone!  I am at an offsite, all week, all-hands annual meeting next week.  I will try to get a POTW out on Thursday, but worst case, I should have some time on Friday.  Say a little prayer for Bob.  He's got the boys solo all week.

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