Thursday, July 9, 2015

Picture of the Week - 7/9/2015

Wow - has it already been 7 days since the last POTW?  This week is flying!

I started my new job on Monday.  So far it's been really awesome - despite the fact that my commute effectively doubled.  It's been taking me about an hour to get home in the evenings.  Yuck!  It won't be so bad after things settle into a regular routine.  Right now I am in boot camp, which is on boarding.  It's easily the best new hire training program I've been through.  This company has impressed me several times already and I'm getting more and more comfortable that this was a good decision - even if it means giving up what's left of my precious summer downtime this year.  I'm hoping that by Labor Day I will be in a routine and will be able to avoid some of the worst of the Atlanta traffic.  (I know...  pipe dream...)

We got the big boys back from camp last Saturday.  They seemed to have a good time - although by all accounts Spencer pulled the short straw in terms of cabin assignment.  This week they are doing a strength and conditioning camp at the high school and Spencer still has his football obligations.  It's been a tiring week for him.  Quinn has resumed all his activities with his buddies.  He's put more miles on his bike this summer than Bob's put on the van!

The little boys are great and mostly pretty easy.  Lately they have spent their evenings bouncing between playing in the toyroom (current obsession is dinosaurs and knights - together) and hanging out with the big boys in the basement.  I think they have enjoyed having Quinn's friends over almost as much as Quinn has.

There's nothing overly exciting coming up this week.  I will have lots of chores and house stuff to catch up on this weekend.  It's been quite a while since I had a week as busy as this one at work and I'm behind on laundry and cleaning and groceries.  Thank goodness Bob doesn't mind picking up dinner duty for a little while!  At least the boys will eat!

Have a great week - and hopefully I will have something more interesting to share soon.  Here's a cute little picture I took over the weekend of the little guys with my parents.  Beck is SUPER attached to my mom right now.  It's pretty adorable.  If she's in his vicinity, he's touching her or sitting on her.  I don't think she minds too much.

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