Thursday, May 25, 2017

Picture of the Week - 5/25/2017

I'm feeling particularly blessed today!

Lots of good stuff happening lately - and MORE about to happen!

I'm blessed to have 4 good kids who have had a really great year.  Ups and Downs - of course.  Stresses - Yes!  Challenges and drama and more yelling and punishing than I would prefer, but taken on the whole, WAY WAY WAY more good stuff than bad this school year.  It's time to say hello to high school and good bye to day care.  Moving on and growing up and making their mom proud along the way!

I'm blessed to have my parents HERE and ABLE and WILLING to jump in on this crazy ride.  They are keeping the boys for us this weekend so Bob and I can go on an anniversary trip.  I know it's not easy to step in the the Bovenizer-variety chaos, but they do it with a smile on their faces (at least that the beginning) and reassurances to go and not worry.  So we will do JUST THAT!  We're gonna GO and have a great time celebrating 20 wonderful years as Mr. and Mrs.  

And I'm especially blessed to be going through this whole life journey with Bob.  It's hard for me to imagine a more perfect partner.  I can't fathom anyone else better suited to deal with ME.  (I may not always be the easiest person to live with!)  I thank God for putting Bob into my life!  Some things are just meant to be!

Here's a fun picture from our wedding day (May 24, 1997) and today (May 25, 2017) waiting for our plane to take us up to Portland, Maine for a big adventure.  

Have a very safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  Kick off summer with a BANG!

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