Thursday, May 18, 2017

Picture of the Week - 5/18/2017

Middle of May - nearly the end of the school year - almost summertime - and we're gearing up for all kinds of fun!

Let's start with a countdown that Bob and I have had for a year...  next week we get to go on a grown-up trip to a place we've never been to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  I'm so ridiculously excited!  We're heading to a resort in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  We have very few plans outside of our pre-purchased tickets on the "brew bus" to visit local craft breweries.  This trip marks a pretty cool milestone - and also survival of another school year.  So excited...  more on Maine next week!

And then there's Spencer, who's got just 6 (officially) days of middle school left.  In reality, it's more like 4...  one day is the 8th grade picnic and I am not going to even TRY to make him go to school on the last day.  Hard to believe he's done with Vickery Creek Middle School.  It treated him (and us) very very well.  He's ready for high school.  He's MORE ready for the summer and has big plans to get himself back into "football shape".  He wants to work out, lift weights, train, condition and eat.  He's got a goal to spend just about every day in the HS weight room - and between the football, wrestling and lacrosse teams, there are plenty of opportunities.  He also wants to put on 20 lbs of muscle weight.  So we are stocking up on eggs and protein powder and chicken and muscle milk.  I'm guessing my food budget will be getting bigger at about the same rate as he does...

Quinn is wrapping up 7th grade in fine style.  He's not flashy and not making any big leaps, but he's the epitome of slow and steady wins the race.  He's become known around our neighborhood as the "responsible Bovenizer" - which is accurate - and has several little jobs lined up for the summer.  He'll be dog sitting and garden watering and stuff like that.  He's got a few summer camps lined up, but for the most part I think he's looking forward to some downtime - and probably too much video gaming.

Zane killed first grade.  He had a really awesome year.  He's reading chapter books and does math in his head and generally blows me away.  His sweet teacher is moving from 1st grade down to kindergarten next year and has told us she's going to try to get Beckett.  We've ALL warned her that Beck is not Zane...  really, really not Zane!  

Beckett is also changing schools and next week marks our LAST WEEK of daycare.  READ THAT AGAIN!!!  After more than 15 STRAIGHT years, we will be day care free.  I. Just. Don't. Know....  Beck and Zane are going to a couple of different places over the summer.  They are doing a couple of weeks at the Y camp - where they will get exhausted and filthy doing real summer camp stuff - and they are doing the rest of the summer at a camp hosted by our elementary school.  I'm guessing there won't be too many kindergartners in the Whitlow summer camp.  I imagine it's mostly for kids who are already at the school.  I am not the LEAST bit worried about sending Beckett.  He's so so so ready to move on and up.  He is a 15 year old dude in a 5 year old body.  Attitude for days.  Last weekend at his last lacrosse practice, he became the enforcer and TOOK OUT this annoying little kid who was bugging everyone else.  He also won every face off he attempted.  He's a special dude.  Here are a couple fun pictures of Beck.  One is him before school one day looking way older than 5 (and yes, that IS a fidget spinner) and the other is him sporting his cool "I just joined the pack" t-shirt from kindergarten orientation.  

Good stuff!

Have a great week everyone - I know we will!  (Even if I will be in NC doing a sales demo on our anniversary...  boo!)

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