Thursday, June 8, 2017

Picture of the Week - 6/8/2017

Happy June!

So you guys...  I totally forgot to do a Picture of the Week last week.  I have no good reason (old age, forgetfulness, too many things going on don't count).  I just plain forgot.  I wasn't traveling.  I was working from home.  No special meetings.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Oops!  I didn't actually remember until SUNDAY.  How crazy is that!  Oh well... I'm human, moving on.

This week was the second week of our summer break.  The boys all seem to be settling into the new routine.  Bob, on the other hand, has had to purchase a Taxi sign and spends FAR more time doing shuttle service than anyone should have to do.  Poor dad!  This week was the start of high school practices and Spencer is in his glory.  Between the football and lacrosse conditioning sessions, he is up there 4 days a week.  If/when he adds wrestling, he will be better off to just take a sleeping bag.  

He's not doing wrestling yet (because of the shoulder), but has returned to full use for all other weight lifting/training activities.  He lifts every day.  His shoulders are already impressive.  He's kind of a beast.  Here's a picture of him from yesterday following his LAST appointment with the shoulder surgeon.  He's very pleased - hence the cheesy smile!  He got his official clearance to return to conditioning.  (Which is good because he actually cleared himself, with input from his physical therapist 2 weeks ago.)  The only thing he can't do, just yet, is contact.  The surgeon asked that we wait until July to do that.  Timing is perfect!  He will be beefed up and ready for football practice!  (And I won't even tell you how much he's eating right now...  that's a story for another day...  it's a LOT!)

Last Saturday was the first "Summer Saturday" for our lacrosse program.  It's a free event that our coaches organize and run to help share the sport with kids who may not have ever tried it.  It's also a good way for our existing members to get out for a little bit on a Saturday morning to play through the summer.  We went up there and turned it into a family event!  Spencer was a referee (which he's never done before), Quinn shagged balls, and the little guys played.  The pick up game included kids as old as rising 6th graders and as you as... BECKETT.  He was an absolute riot.  His skills leave much room for improvement, but his attitude and spunk are as good as anyone else on the field.  He did not think twice about jumping in there with those big kids.  It was SO funny!  He's #93 in this picture.  You can see how little he is in comparison.

Sunday we leave for our week at the beach.  The weather forecast looks dismal.  Lots of rain this year.  So we're packing cards and games and movies and hoping for the best.  

Have a great week everyone!

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