Thursday, April 6, 2017

Picture of the Week - 4/6/2017

Happy Spring Break week!

Our plans for Spring Break were much less exciting than the 90% of Forsyth County who went to the beach this week.  Seriously - everyone is there away!

We didn't travel and stayed close to home.  (This is payment for spending vacation days - and dollars - on the annual Buckeye cruise.)  Despite dealing with bad weather for several days, a stomach flu that has made it's way through 4 of 6 of us, and a certain teenage boy giving us the silent treatment, we've had a pretty cool week.

I dig not having to race around in the evenings and spending every night at the park.  Being home and hanging out with Bob is pretty fun! 

Here's a list of things we have accomplished this week:
  1. Beckett can now ride a bike without training wheels
  2. Zane can now jump rope more than 20 jumps in a row
  3. Our front yard now has flowers and color and looks loved
  4. Our front porch chairs now have RED cushions - I was clearly very tired of the dull, neutrals
  5. Our back porch cushions have been replaced with less nasty ones - which Rooster is trying hard to make nasty again
  6. We spent a day in Chattanooga and visited the Tennessee aquarium, which I still like better than the Atlanta version (which is actually good because you can't get downtown from our house after the I-85 collapse
  7. While in Chattanooga we went to Lookout Mountain - which was very cool (see picture) - and drove past Rock City (which was very touristy and not deemed worth stopping)
  8. We added a snake named Tyrone to the family (Spencer's)
  9. Spencer and Quinn have watched eleventy-million movies
  10. Zane has eaten everything in the pantry
  11. We have gone through 8 gallons of milk since last Friday
  12. Bob and I have managed to keep everyone relatively happy and have, collectively, only taken 3 days off work.  (Little boys are now hanging with my parents for a much appreciated change of scenery.)

All in all - it's been a really good, albeit somewhat odd, week.  I love the idea of a spring break (and fall too) that's actually a break.  Not sure we'd feel as nice and refreshed if we had tried to manage a week at the beach instead of hanging out at home.  Although a good tan WOULD be nice!

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