Thursday, April 27, 2017

Picture of the Week - 4/27/17

2 fun pictures today - no deep thoughts or long, rambly stories.  

Someday soon, I will get back to the long, rambly stories and attempt to share all the stuff bouncing around my mind, but for now...  just cute pictures!

Bob actually took both of these while I was traveling this week (crossed Montana off my "yet to visit" list).  The first is Beckett on his way to school.  He insisted on doing his own hair.  All my kids need hair cuts - badly.  I adore this picture.  It reminds me SO much of a cartoon character.  That child has more personality in him than should be allowed...  he's awesome.

The second picture is from the youth lacrosse night at the high school.  I love this event and am SO bummed that I missed it this year.  The lacrosse booster club always does SUCH a great job.  This was at their "photo booth".  They also had raffle drawings and contests and kona ice and face painting.  Tons of fun!  And each of the boys won something.  LOL  I'm quite certain the crowd was very pleased when they ran out of Bovenizers to call!  We cleaned up!

Have a great week everyone!

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