Thursday, April 20, 2017

Picture of the Week - 4/20/2017

Here are some funny pictures of 3 of my 4 boys.  I, sadly, don't have a ridiculous picture of Quinn at the moment...  which really just means I'm now on a mission!

Some info about these...

Zane - He's got the thickest, most awesome hair.  Seriously...  people will be jealous of his hair for years to come.  It's just wavy enough to be beautiful and it's thick and, honestly, lush.  Lucky boy...  

Beck - I think half the pictures I take of Beckett are with THAT lacrosse field in the background because we spend half our life at Sawnee Mt.  Last night we were hanging out, watching Zane he he took my hair out of its ponytail and insisted I give him one.  Between that, the location, and that goofy missing tooth, it may be one of my favorite pictures of him ever.  

Spencer - HA!  I can't wait to use this at his HS graduation.  He insisted on wearing the ears with the tiara if he was going to wear ears.  LOL  He's actually quite hilarious when he's actually speaking to us!  :)

Have a fun and crazy week everyone!  

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