Thursday, July 3, 2014

Picture of the Week - 7/3/2014

Happy (slightly early) 4th of July!
How nice to have a holiday on a Friday!  And a long holiday weekend with lots of downtime is a definite win!
I was talking to Bob this morning about the fact that I didn't have any good POTW pictures this week.  So he decided to help out while I was at the dentist.  (He's a keeper!)  Bob chased the little boys all over the front yard on the way to school this morning.  They weren't exactly in the mood...  but they did have fun!  Zane wanted to put his arm around Beck.  Beck did NOT want Zane's arm on him.  The picture I'm sharing is right after Zane snuck up on Beck and put his arm around him.  Ornery!  At least they are wearing red, white and blue!
I hope you all have a fantastic - and SAFE - holiday weekend.  We're going to haul out the giant water slide and maybe pack up a picnic and head downtown for a Braves game.  All the best kinds of summer fun!  And I have every intention of sneaking up on any boy standing still and putting my arm around him every chance I get!

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