Thursday, July 17, 2014

Picture of the Week - 7/17/2014

Well this has been a weird week.  A very weird week.  The weirdest week I've had in a long time.
So what's making this so weird is that Bob and the big boys have been gone since Sunday.  They went up to Ohio so Spencer and Quinn could go to a lacrosse camp run by the Ohio State lacrosse coaching staff.  It's a happy bonus that they are also getting to visit with family and friends while they are up there.  By all accounts, it sounds like both the camp and the visiting have been highly successful.  I'm glad they have had such a fun week.
The other thing that has made this week weird is that I have worked from home most of the week.  This is for a couple of reasons - one is that the dogs (and yes, I realize this sounds a little crazy) aren't used to being home alone all day.  It's easier to just be here than to clean out Ozzie's cage every day.  They are spoiled.  (Also high maintenance.)  The other reason is the construction project at my office.  It's finally starting to wrap up, but things kind of came to a head this week as they started tearing down cubes and rerouting network cables and all that stuff.  To say that an office construction project is disruptive would be a gigantic understatement.  The good news is that I've been told that my new office is ready and I can move in any time.  I might have to make a trip down there to check this out this weekend!
I don't mind being home.  It's kind of nice.  But it's weird! 
I don't mind Bob and the boys traveling.  I'm happy they are able to do it.  But it's weird to not have them here.  I miss my boys!
Last night I took Zane and Beckett out for dinner and to do a little shopping.  It was fun!  But so weird!  I don't usually have the two of them out and about without the rest of the family.  We had dinner at Chick-Fil-A and it would have been very easy (expected actually) for people to think that these 2 little blonde boys were my only kids.  It felt like I was somehow cheating on Spencer and Quinn!  (Weird, right!)
Then we went to buy some new shoes.  I love buying new shoes for the boys.  They really all only have 1 pair of shoes at a time - so you can imagine how quickly they get worn out.  The attached picture is one I made the boys pose for because I wanted a picture to use for today's potw.  They are sitting in funny positions because they wanted to make sure I could see their shoes.  I love Beck's face!
After that we went to Walmart (big night out) to get supplies for our new cat.  Yep - we're getting a cat.  A big orange cat from Bob's sister Karen.  She's moving and needs to find a home for him and I've wanted a cat for a long time.  Bob has always been hesitant, but after spending some time with Rooster, he caved.  So when they get home tomorrow we will have a cat.  Let's hope that we can manage to get Rooster and Ozzie and Willow to come to some fast agreements about how to live together. 
All in all - a weird week indeed!  Anything weird going on in your life???

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