Thursday, July 24, 2014

Picture of the Week - 7/24/2014

Well I've gone and done it now!  I've gone all "2003" and finally started a blog.  I'm so fancy!


I hope that you will all join me on the blog -

Eventually I will likely stop sending out emails (which is sooo 1990's) and just post on the blog, but I'll do both for a while until I make sure everything is working.  I promise to still write a message every Thursday so you can continue to keep up with all the crazy stuff we get ourselves into!

There may actually be MORE stuff getting posted too.  I should mention that one of the main reasons I decided to try out this blog thing (aside from the fact that EVERYONE has a blog these days) is that I am participating in a QAL - Quilt Along - and in order to be eligible to win prizes, I have to be doing something called a blog link-up.  This is all new to me, but it was pretty clear pretty fast that I couldn't link up my blog if I didn't have one!  So in addition to loading up this blog with archives of all the old POTWs (which is going to be pretty awesome once I get it done), you may also see extra posts with pictures of the boys or the pets or my quilts or anything else that strikes my fancy. 

Speaking of getting ourselves into crazy stuff and pets...  here's a picture of our newest family member, Rooster.  He came to us from Bob's sister Karen.  He's a pretty awesome cat!  So VERY chill...  I bet he had a blog a decade ago! 

Rooster is not phased by the kids AT ALL.  Even though they are always up in his face, he just sits there.  He is also pretty OK with Ozzie.  Their initial meeting was a little dicey, but after a swat across the face, Ozzie knows where he stands and Rooster just looks at him.  Willow is another story.  That's taking a bit of time because Rooster is afraid of her - and I can't really blame him.  So for now we are keeping them separated and letting them visit through a gate.  Things get a bit better every day and I'm sure in time they will all be fine with one another and only creating occasional chaos. 

Hope you all have a really great week!  If you see my dad around, wish him a Happy Birthday.  We get to celebrate with him this weekend. 

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