Thursday, April 3, 2014

Picture of the Week - 4/3/2014

What's new with you?  (Really - write back and tell me!!!  I love hearing from you all!)
There's lots of stuff going on with us, which is a bit odd since it's spring break and life has taken a momentary slow down.  The big guys don't have school this week (so no homework - yeah!).  We also don't have any lacrosse practice this week since the coach is at the beach.  So evenings are remarkably open.  No practice plus the fact that we are (finally) adjusted to time change means we have time and energy to DO STUFF in the evenings.  Nothing wild and crazy...  but we play in the back yard and watch shows with Spencer and *talk* and go out to eat.  It's lovely.
You know what's not lovely...  sitting at work and seeing everyone's spring break pictures.  I'm green with envy!  I wish we were someplace fabulous.  But, alas, spring break trips have never really been our "thing" and so we are home and working hard to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and the chance to relax a bit.  The only problem - we are missing QUINN! 
Quinn is on his "10 year old trip" with my parents this week.  They are on an Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Allure of the Seas.  If you know cruise ships at all, you probably know that the Allure is the biggest ship out there.  I can't wait to hear about all the fun stuff they get to see.  I was so excited yesterday when they landed in St. Thomas and were able to call!  It was good to hear from them!  I am missing them all - a bunch!  The picture of Quinn is from my mom - and I love it!
The other big happening this week is that Spencer just started his Phase 2 orthodontics experience.  We knew he would have to go through another round of braces when his adult teeth were fully in place.  So we spent an entire morning of his spring break at the orthodontist.  To add to Spencer's pleasure, we are also trying to fix a tongue thrust issue he's got going on, so in addition to the braces, he was fitted with tongue spurs.  If you want to feel bad for him, do a Google search.  The first 24 hours was really bad...  he's doing MUCH better now, but still learning how to eat and talk and stuff.  Good times. 
This weekend we are planning a trip to the zoo, just for fun, and then will be anxiously awaiting Quinn's return (and my parents too!) on Sunday.


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