Thursday, April 17, 2014

Picture of the Week - 4/17/2014

I thought I'd share a couple of funny Beckett stories today.  Our youngest is a TRIP and a half!  Love him to pieces - even if he is causing me grey hairs!
From the time Beck could laugh he's had what we refer to as a maniacal laugh.  He would make a perfect villain baby!  If you heard it, you would agree that it sounds, at the very least, mischievous! 
There was a time (a million moons ago) when Spencer was a baby and we caught him quietly pulling wallpaper off the wall from his crib while he was supposed to be napping.  When I caught him doing that, he was so stunned/hurt/shocked/guilty that he sobbed uncontrollably for a LONG time.  We recently had a similar situation with Beck.
Bob heard strange noises from Beckett's room during a nap and went to investigate.  When he opened the door he saw Beck messing with the giant cardboard "B" we have on his wall (it's a decoration).  Bob said "Beckett! Stop!" 
Instead of breaking down into tears, Beck looked his dad in the eye and knocked the "B" right off the wall with a flamboyant flick of his pudgy little wrist.  And then he laughed his maniacal laugh, "Ha ha ha!"
We typically bathe the little boys in the big garden tub in our master bath.  We have toys in there and a big bottle of bubble bath and another bottle of shampoo.  The boys know that they aren't allowed to touch 1) the hot water handle and 2) the bottles. 
Beck was in the bathtub one day and Bob got called away to deal with something for Zane.  When he returned, our naked little 2 year old had a hold of one of the forbidden bottles.  He knew he was busted! 
So he quickly put down the bottle and put his hands behind his back.  Without Bob saying anything at all, Beck turned from side to side, a searching look on his face and said "Hmmmm... ... ... where's that...  ... ... thiiinnnngggg?" 
He's the picture of innocence I tell ya!  LOL
Background...  I drive a black car.  Bob drives the 11 year old, stinky, falling a part, stinky, grey, stinky, minivan - which he affectionately calls the "Man Van".  Beckett sometimes gets confused about who drives what car and why, so we talk about it a good bit.
One day on the way to school, Beckett asks Bob, "Daddy, dis your back car?"  Bob responds that "No.  This is the Man Van.
Beckett responds, "Oh.  Ok.  Daddy, dis your back Man Van?"  Zane helps out here and says, "No.  The Man Van is Grey".
And a moment later, Beck again, "Daddy, dis your gay Man Van?"  Bob, over a somewhat successfully stifled giggle, "Yes.  Yes it is!"
Beckett is 2 going on 6.  He's kind of a riot!  He's definitely not for the weak of heart!  Once again, I am comforted by the knowledge that God really does know what he's doing because that crazy child is the perfect exclamation point for our little family!  (Now, if only we could get him to poop in the potty...)
PS - The paper Beckett is working on in the pictures is Spencer's homework.  NOTHING is safe!

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