Thursday, April 10, 2014

Picture of the Week - 4/10/2014

Pollen!  I saw a cartoon this morning that said that pollen is the snow of the south.  So true!  I don't even suffer from allergies, but this time of year you can practically taste the pollen.  Bright side...  it's definitely spring down here and we may see our first 80 degree days this weekend.  Woot Woot!
Quinn got home on Sunday from his trip with my parents.  I know I talked at length about these 10 year old trips when Spencer took his last summer.  You guys, I just can't tell you how cool it is that Berber and Pappy are willing to do this.  I don't want anyone to think that because I'm not going to write paragraphs about Quinn's experience that I don't think it was every bit as fabulous as Spencer's.  The trips were as different as the boys are, but the experiences were equally as impactful.  Short story - a great time was had by all 3 of them and my mom and dad are pretty darn awesome.
I really loved looking at pictures of the cruise and hearing about the ship and how much Q loved the kids clubs.  I think part of my interest is that we will be taking a very similar itinerary next May.  This cruise made me even more excited for our trip next year.
But first thing's first!  We are ramping back up in lacrosse and have games/tournaments scheduled every weekend until Memorial Day.  Fun!  Then we are taking off to celebrate my cousin's wedding (Hi Amy) which happens to be on our 17th anniversary.  I'm excited for the mini-family reunion and some family time away from home.  Right on the heels of that trip north, we'll be heading south for our beach trip.  Phew!  Time's flying - and good stuff is coming!!

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