Thursday, March 27, 2014

Picture of the Week - 3/27/2014

Man...  the little boys have been cracking us up lately! 
They have, seriously, been SO MUCH FUN!  I love the stages they are in right now and try my best to soak in as much as possible.  We talk a lot about Bucky, because he demands a TON of attention.  He's somehow gone from 2 to 8 overnight.  He can get himself dressed up in costumes.  He can shoot Nerf guns.  He can get his own water from the fridge.  He regularly insists on getting his own snacks.  He's famous for creating a line trying to get into (or out of) daycare as he MUST ALWAYS open all the doors himself.  He's a challenge for sure.  But in all the VERY best ways!
And (realizing that I'm terribly biased) he is SOOOOOOOO cute!  Seriously...  I just smile looking at him!
Zane's mini transformation recently has been more subtle.  If you aren't around him all the time,  you would probably never even notice.  For lack of a better way to explain him, I would say that he's maturing.  Yes, of course, he still freaks out from time to time, but the tantrums have become more spaced out.  His thought processes and interests are growing nearly as quickly as his height is changing.  Go figure - he's TALL!  Zane is one of the youngest kids in his current class and also one of the tallest.  Genes are odd! 
One of the most fun things about Zane right now is how excited he gets about things that interest him.  We watched a special a few weeks ago about a Disney Cruise and he hasn't been able to stop talking about the "Kid Cruise" since.  He vibrates when describing, in vivid detail, all the things he's going to do on the kid cruise.  His mind nearly exploded when he realized that he would be able to SWIM and SLEEP on a boat!  He literally jumped up and down when he saw the "Real Captain America" on the show talking to the cruisers.  In fact, Zane's enthusiasm about the Kid Cruise has been SOOOOOO consistent and infectious that we are getting ready to book our 2015 vacation - a Disney Cruise, of course.  (Any suggestions on how to get him to realize that it's 14 months away would be greatly appreciated!)
The other topic of Zane Delight right now is Easter.  I admit that I've never been one to go "all out" for Easter.  We will do baskets and a few decorations, but I honestly kind of dread egg dying.  Just not my favorite thing.  But Zane brings home pictures every day that he has colored for us.  These pictures are of fancy Easter eggs and bunny-like creatures.  He found a magazine laying around that was Easter-themed and RAN it upstairs to beg me to help him make ALL of the Easter treats on the cover.  There were chocolate nests with real (jelly bean) eggs, and bunny-shaped ice cream cones and some kind of bright yellow peep thing.  He was so darn excited and SO DARN cute about it, that of COURSE we will be making Easter-themed treats over the next couple of weekends.  He forces me to have fun I didn't even realize I was missing!
It's kind of impossible to say "no" to Zane when he gets like that because his enthusiasm is SO PURE and INNOCENT.  I have said it many times before, but these little guys bring more happiness and light and fun and awesomeness to our lives than I could ever adequately describe.  I will forever be grateful that God gave us this opportunity to re-live first time Disney Cruisers and ridiculously complicated holiday food crafts.  Yes, it's hard and way more work...  but the benefits are simply priceless.
Here's a picture of Zane and Beck sitting on the back porch with popsicles.  Now that Bucky can open the freezer by himself, they have many more frozen treats than they used to! 
For everyone heading off on Spring Break - have a BLAST.  Quinn leaves on Sunday for his 10 year old trip with my parents.  He's heading on a Caribbean cruise on the Allure of the Seas.  I'm totally jealous!

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