Thursday, May 2, 2013

Picture of the Week - 5/2/2013

We have totally become *those* people!
You know the ones.  They had a whole list of things that would never happen.  Things they would never buy.  Would never do.  Wouldn't think of saying. 
And then they break all those rules when kids enter the picture.  Yes.  We are those people.
I suppose we could feel bad about this.  Lament our inability to stick to our guns or something, but who has the energy for that?  Instead, I choose to believe that the ways our behaviors and attitudes and actions have changed are a direct result of all the lessons we have learned along this awesome road called parenthood.
Yep - we said we'd never get a minivan.  But BK (before kids) it was impossible to envision the vast amount of stuff that would be required to get through a typical weekend.  Don't even get me started on packing for trips.  Plus, minivans are just so darn convenient.  We have never been "cool", so who cares that we are seen around town in a "well used" Man Van!
Bet you didn't know that BK we didn't have a TV in our living room.  Bob and I would often just put on some music and sit and read or - gasp - just talk.  We didn't get a TV in our living room until Spencer was over 2.  Now...  well, let's just say that TV programming plays a pretty significant role in 1) our downtime activities 2) our babysitting options and 3) maintaining our sanity.  Thank goodness for 24x7 Disney programming.  Just saying...
And then there is the whole world of sports.  I played sports.  Bob played sports.  Having boys, I knew we'd be in that sports world in some way.  But BK, I honestly figured given the physical appearance of both parents and our lack of post-middle school sports success, that sports would be a passing phase.  Something that the boys could do to learn the benefits of teamwork.  A way to get some exercise and fill up some hours. 
Sports has turned into something so much more for us.
I've mentioned before that being involved with these sports teams for our BBs has allowed us to build a community.  We live in a BIG city.  We live in a world (and a time) where kids don't play outside without supervision.  The temptations of video games (and yes, TV) are too great and the risk of the terrible is too high.  If we didn't have sports, our kids would play with a very small handful of kids and we, as parents, would have a pretty limited group of friends and acquaintances.  Sports, while a HUGE time drain and a HUGE money drain and a HUGE part of our persistent fatigue, allows us all to expand our community and build relationships and, yes, even friendships.  All of this while accomplishing all of those things for the boys that we thought would happen all along - boost in confidence, better physical fitness, learning how to bond with friends, learning how to lose, and how to win graciously. 
I don't know how long it will last, but for now, I can't think of any better way to spend the VAST majority of our "free" time than being involved with sports.
So I am beyond thrilled to break another of the rules we thought we were so committed to BK.  Spencer has made a travel football team and will be leaving behind the rec league he's been a part of for the last 5 years.
I can feel you all rolling your eyes from here.  And that's OK.  There's a long, LONG, story behind why we chose to go this direction.  It involves a desire to create the best possible experience for Spencer.  It has nothing to do with our desire to watch a winning team or our expectation that he's the best one out there or our hopes that he'll someday play in the NFL.  (Because, ha ha ha - not gonna happen!)  Our decision was driven by an unfortunate political environment that happens to be very unique to the rising 5th grade age group at our rec league park.  It has to do with our fear of ending up on another team with a brand new coaching staff and a lack of organization and commitment.  It is, quite simply, what we think is best for Spencer.
And we are so VERY proud that he made this team.  It was not a foregone conclusion.  It was not a given that he would walk up and they'd hand him a jersey.  He's not the best kid on this team - by a long shot.  He may end up as practice fodder and never start a game.  And you know what, we are totally OK with that.  In the 2 evenings he has spent trying out for this team he learned more from the DEDICATED line coach than he did ALL of last year.  Maybe all of the last 4 years.  He will be challenged.  He will likely learn some hard lessons.  And we will get to experience yet another facet of this weird and wonderful world of youth sports in the south. 
I can't wait!
A couple pictures today.  One is an old one - 5 years old to be exact - of Spence playing in a game his first season as a Kindergartener.  The second is from this past season.  There is simply nothing better than getting to watch these young men of ours grow up - in every single way.  We are so blessed.
This weekend we are supposed to have a lacrosse tournament which would mean somewhere between 7 and 12 games between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.  Mother Nature may have different  plans.  I'm very angry with Mother Nature.  We are not supposed to have high temps in the low 60s in May in GA.  And it's been SO rainy lately that for the first time in like 5 years Lake Lanier is above full pool.  Yuck!  If the forecast holds, we may just get some time off from the games and have a chance to enjoy Grandma Sharon's visit from the comfort of our home this weekend. 
Have a great week everyone!


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