Thursday, April 25, 2013

Picture of the Week - 4/25/2013

We're getting a Puppy, yall!
My sister says we are 50 shades of crazy.  She's probably right.  My mom rolls her eyes and clearly disagrees with this decision, but I'm still hopeful she'll come around.  Bob and I have even had moments when we question the sanity of the decision to sprinkle a little more chaos onto our already overflowing chaos soup. 
BUT - you guys!  We. Are. So. Excited!!!
We will be picking up our puppy on Memorial Day weekend.  It'll be like a Happy 16th Anniversary present for us!  Just like Sloopy was a 2nd Anniversary present to ourselves.  The parallels with Sloopy are a little spooky - these pups were born on April 1st.  Just like she was.  I like to think this little dude was meant to be ours!
We're getting a Brittany.  They are medium sized bird dogs and from what we have read and heard from others, pretty awesome family pets.  We love our lazy Willow, but really wanted a dog we could take with us to the parks every night and do things like take walks and play catch.  We don't have any intention of using him as a hunting companion!  :)
I know we're getting a male, but not sure which one yet.  The breeder we are working with takes this SO seriously - which I TOTALLY love.  She knows what our lifestyle is and understands what we want to do with the dog.  She is the best judge of the puppy's personalities and will literally go through a matching process to set up the best combos of families and puppies.  We even have to go do a home visit so we can meet the puppies in person - and I'm assuming she will treat it as a bit of a personality interview for us.  I'm just looking forward to some smelly puppy kisses!  We get weekly updates from her sharing lots of pictures and telling us what the puppies are up to.  They have just recently started opening their eyes and getting on all 4 feet. 
The boys are so excited!  They talk about the new puppy all the time.  We are getting him at a PERFECT time because our pick up is scheduled for the day after the last day of school.  So the BBs will get to hang out with him for a whole week before we head off to vacation.  We are taking the pup with us to the beach.  Gotta admit I'm a bit nervous about how that will work out, but I'm excited to get to spend some bonding time with him while relaxing (as only a family with 4 boys can relax - aka not much) in a dog friendly home on a dog friendly island.  We went shopping for new toys and some supplies the other day.  It's very cool to see how anxious the boys are to meet the new family member.  Spencer especially - who rarely shows excitement for stuff like this!
Here are some pictures.  Like I said, no idea which one is going to be ours, but it will be one of the fat little dudes in the picture.  Of the litter of 9, 8 of the babies were boys.  I feel a kind of kinship with the mama!  :)  All that testosterone will fit right in at Casa de Bovy.
BTW - We haven't settled on a name yet.  We do have a short list and most of the family has a favorite, but if you want to share some ideas, we are all ears!
We might be 50 shades of crazy, but I think it's the very best kind of crazy! 


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