Thursday, April 11, 2013

Picture of the Week - 4/11/2013

Happy SPRING!!!
It seemed like Mother Nature took her sweet time with Spring this year.  So far though, it's been worth the wait!  We've had beautiful weather for the past week or so with another "Chamber of Commerce" weekend in the forecast.  It's a good thing too - because we also have lacrosse games all weekend!
(I'm sure you guys are all sick of hearing me talk about lacrosse, but right now we are basically either at work, at a lacrosse field, or asleep!)
We might get lucky tonight and get an evening off if the weather produces the storms that are in the forecast.  I'm hoping the rain starts by 4 so we can get practice cancelled and move on!  Also looking forward to the rain to wash away some of this pollen.  For anyone not in ATL - when the pollen count gets to 1500 it is considered extreme.  For people with allergies (like Bob), he starts to feel bad when the pollen count gets above around 200-300.  The count today was over 8000.  EIGHT THOUSAND.  Everything is yellow.  On my way in to work this morning I saw tire tracks in the pollen on the street.  Pollen is such a weird Georgia thing.  As long as we've lived here, it still shocks me every spring.  It's also a topic of conversation on EVERY news cast.  This morning there was video footage of a pollen CLOUD moving across one of the holes on the golf course at the Masters.  Good stuff...
Another sign of spring?  BASEBALL!  The Braves are on a roll so far this season!  It's been pretty fun to watch the Upton brothers.  I'm sure we will get to a game later this year when we get past our spring sports and school schedule.  Here's a picture of Zane sporting a Braves shirt having fun at a lacrosse practice on a pollen-covered bleacher.  That pretty much sums up life around here lately!
Have a great week everyone!

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