Thursday, April 4, 2013

Picture of the Week - 4/4/2013

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter!
We had a nice relaxing holiday weekend.  My mom held her yearly egg hunt and made dinner for everyone.  It was a fun day!  Here's a new picture of my boys.  Love!!
The holidays are a special reminder to me of how blessed we are to have the little boys.  Don't get me wrong, the big boys are awesome and they love celebrations.  Just take a look at Spencer who has been carrying around the stuffed pig he found in his basket since Sunday!  I think he's doing it partly as a joke and partly because it's a REALLY soft pig!!!  But watching the little boys experience holidays (and many, many other things) is like a second chance.  They give us the chance to revel in all the special little moments just a little longer.  Zane and Beckett are prolonging our parenting experience in all the best ways.  Someday I hope they understand how much I love that!!!  Zane, especially, was so into Easter this year.  The egg hunts and the basket and the chocolates.  He had a blast!
I'm feeling a little bad that we haven't made any extravagant plans for Spring Break this year.  No trips or vacations or anything like that.  It would have been lovely to hit a beach for a few days! 
But it's also been really nice to just have some down time and a chance to chill out a little bit.  The big boys spent the first 2 days of their break in their PJs.  (We did make them shower!)  While this might not be the ideal break for lots of people, I think they were pretty content!  They got to spend some of their savings at Gamestop and have had plenty of time to watch movies and ride bikes and wrestle and shoot each other with nerf darts.  Pretty much the perfect kind of day for 9 and 10 year olds!
Zane hasn't even had a break.  Thankfully our daycare stays open through most of the holidays for those of us short on vacation time.  He doesn't seem phased.  In fact, I think he's enjoying a little extra attention from the teachers with fewer kids there than normal.  His stories about what they do every day are so very entertaining!  (And they make me want to break my "no playdoh" rule!)
Beckett has been sick-ish again.  He got sent home on Monday (again) (3rd time in 4 weeks...) with a fever.  We thought maybe his ears were messed up since he hardly slept on Monday night.  Nope...  ears clear.  Nothing really the matter with him except the weird mystery fever.  I'm blaming teeth. 
The weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous.  Sunny and low-mid 70s.  We may pack up the chaos and head out for a picnic or maybe go buy some flowers for the yard or maybe just open up all the windows, plop on the couch, and soak in every last chill out worthy minute before we hit the treadmill at 100 mph again next week.  We are full-on crazy busy from Monday through Mother's Day weekend.  Hardly a day on the calendar without a practice or a game or two.  The calendar is daunting!  (I also really HAVE to do the dreaded semi-annual closet clean out and clothes swap.  HATE HATE HATE that job!  Think of me...)
Have a great week everyone! 

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