Thursday, January 3, 2013

Picture of the Week - 1/3/2013

This time of year lots of people do lots of retrospective thinking. It seems there are "best of" lists all over the place. I suppose the start of a new year is a good time to look back and take stock and make whatever changes compel you. I suppose I'm not much different.
I'm not a resolution kinda person. To me, making a commitment for change on some specific day is a little bit like only being thankful on Thanksgiving. Personal growth and change should be continual, not calendar driven. But that's just me... if you have made a new resolution - I wish you the very best of luck in keeping it!
Just because I have no specific new year's resolution doesn't mean that I don't enjoy some retrospection! It dawned on me around October that I have been doing this Picture of the Week email for 10 years. The first picture went out on 10/18/2002.  Wow! There's not many (optional) things that I can honestly say that I have done consistently over a 10 year period. Looking back, are there hobbies or activities that you have kept up with since 2002? If you have been with me the entire 10 years, THANK YOU!!!! It means more to me than you will know that you care enough to spend a few minutes reading about our life once a week. And don't forget that I really love to hear from you as well. You know lots and lots about what we are up to, don't hesitate to take a minute to let me know what's going on in your life. I care and I'm interested!
So I thought it would be fun to look back through the OVER 520+ emails I have written over the last 10+ years and share some of the pictures that you first saw in the fall/winter of each year. I also thought it was pretty interesting to see the highlights of what was going on in each of those POTW emails. (BTW - Having looked back over all these little messages, I have to thank you all again for continuing to read. There were LARGE periods of time when all I did was complain about someone being sick!*)
* LOL - For anyone on Facebook, Zane's pneumonia is much better and Beckett now has Hand, Foot and Mouth - but I'm not complaining! LOL (Yes, I'm laughing at myself!)
2002 - Spencer was born - and so began our great adventure!
2003 - Bought our first minivan, first Burt’s trip, Spencer started walking, we were blissfully pregnant
2004 - Quinn! The year of the doctor and therapy, The year we realized miracles were real and God had a plan for us all
2005 - Quinn heart surgery #1, Boys start daycare, More therapy
2006 - Sold our house, Lived with my parents for 3 months, Moved to our new house Quinn started preschool! Spencer started sports!
2007 - Quinn heart surgery #2, Disney Cruise! MRSA scare, LOTS of house work, Spencer rides a bike without training wheels
2008 - Ohio blizzard, Bob got a Jeep, We got a Willow (and fish and butterflies), Spencer started kindergarten and football, Quinn started baseball, Another Disney cruise, Goodbye to Grammy Lucy
2009 - Wii fun, Quinn went to Kindergarten, More baseball and football, Zane!
2010 – Wrestling and Football and Baseball and Flagball, Basement remodel
2011 – Giant GA snowstorm, Sports and school and vacations, Beckett!, Our family is complete!
2012 – Family of 6, Trips to beach and Disney, Lots of sports, Goodbye Sloopy, Tons of FUN!!!
Here's to an awesome 2013!  I wish you all peace, health, prosperity and a good dose of fun!

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