Thursday, January 17, 2013

Picture of the Week - 1/17/2013

Let's see...  what's going on with us...  lotsa little stuff and not too much of anything.  It's been pretty awesome actually!
So here are some random thoughts...
We decided to get some new furniture for our living room just after Christmas.  This is going to be good for 2 reasons.  One - obviously - is that the current furniture has seen better days.  I still love it, but the cushions aren't supportive anymore and it's just not very comfortable.  Two - we desperately need more than a small couch in the toy room.  We have more boys than places to sit and this has caused occasional conflict.  (As an aside, the lack of places to sit has also created an environment for CUTE because the current favorite arrangement of boys is big ones sprawled with one head on each couch arm and Zane perched in the middle between their legs.  Pretty darn adorable!)  So our plan is to move the current living room stuff into the toy room and the toy room couch/sleeper sofa into the basement which will look horrible, but will be functional for a while.  This whole furniture relocation plan has caused us to look at the toy room and realize that it was a mess and really wasn't working.  So Bob has (nearly single-handedly) undertaken a big toy reorganization plan.  He's moving the big boys stuff to the basement and moving little boy stuff into the toy room and they couldn't be more thrilled!  I guess when you can actually SEE the stuff you have to play with you tend to actually, ya know, play!  Here's a picture of Zane from last weekend after discovering some costumes and a bunch of similarly sized robots with Captain America.  I can't really tell if the robot army is protecting Spiderman from the dino or if they are all about to attack.  We may never know as Zane got engrossed into something on TV and never finished the story.
Speaking of Zane - he's been pretty awesome lately!  He's funny and creative and 90% of the time (which is a BIG improvement) pretty easy to deal with.  He has the same vast vocabulary that Spencer did at that age, which makes for some really AWESOME stories.  He talks nearly non-stop and usually requires, no demands, a response from whomever he's talking too.  A simple "umm hmmm" doesn't really cut it for him.  So I have found myself in some very odd conversations about dreams and plans and why things are the way they are.  That whole "why why why" stage - equal parts fascinating and exhausting! 
We have had LOTS of rain down here over the past week.  It's been cloudy and rainy and dreary for a full week.  I know this may not seem like a big deal to some people, but we are really spoiled here.  It's very unusual to go this long without sun...  and I'm not loving it!  The forecasters tell us that today is the last cloudy day.  I hope they are right!  The rainy (and honestly unseasonably warm and humid) weather has been good for one thing though - Zane's hair!  His wavy mop gets curlier and curlier the more humid the weather.  But unlike MY hair, which just gets frizzy and rather unruly, his just looks cuter and cuter.  I tried desperately to get a picture of him with his awesome hair on Sunday.  I failed...  he wasn't having it.  And no amount of pleading and bribing helped.  So I gave up on my hope for a shot of a curly haired, rosey cheeked, smiling boy and settled for this picture, which Bob tells me is totally a Zoolander Blue Steel stare. 
Finally I will share with you a couple of stories from last night.  One of them because I think it's a riot and the other because I hope that it will make you go "awww" the way it made me go "awwwwwwwww". 
So to understand the first story, I must explain that Bob and I have decided that it's high time (probably past time, honestly) to get the big guys more involved in the daily chores around the house.  We're starting with the post-dinner clean-up chaos.  What we're doing is asking one of the BBs to help with the dish clean up and dishwasher loading while the other BB is on little boy duty and responsible for entertaining the brothers.  This frees Bob and I up to sit back and eat bon bons.  (LOLOLOLOL)  So last night Q was on dishes and S was on LBs.  Beckett was still in his highchair and was pitching an absolute fit because I wouldn't give him a container full of spaghetti sauce.  Bob and I were ignoring the fit, but Spencer, who had been tasked with taking care of him was a bit distressed.  Spence asked if he could get Beckett down.  Bob said, "No.  He's not done eating."  Beckett hears this exchange, looks at Spencer, takes the food out of his mouth with one hand and throws it behind him.  Spence says, in the most deadpan, dry voice, nothing more than, "I'm pretty sure he is."  Cracked me up.  Actually it still cracks me up!
A little later in the evening, Bob and I were working on framing up a bunch of cool pictures of the BBs that I ordered (and will show you all as soon as we get them hung) and the BBs were playing downstairs.  Zane and Beck were in the living room playing with a bunch of Mr. Potato Head parts that Bob found during the great toy migration.  They were having a blast together.  Something caught Beck's attention in the toyroom and he left Zane.  This was OK for a while, but apparently Zane was really enjoying the company of his little brother.  So Zane starts calling Beck to join him.  "Beck, come back in here and play with me."  "Beckett, come see what I've got."  "Beck Beck, look at this."  All of these pleas were ignored, so Zane took things into his own hands.  He got up, went to the toy room, took Beck by the hand and led him back to the living room where they played happily for another half an hour or so.  Come on...  doesn't that just make you say, "Awwwww!"
Here's to the return of sunshine.  A big Falcons football game this weekend - RISE UP!  And more quiet family time to let everyone soak in the goodness of being together before our crazy spring schedule gets underway in a few short weeks. 


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