Thursday, January 24, 2013

Picture of the Week - 1/24/2013

aka - (alternately) The Boy Who Keeps Us Entertained or He Who Is Trying to Kill Us or Wreck-it Beckett (I give Disney's Wreck it Ralph credit for the last one, but maintain that Beckett would be a better name for their main character.)
Beckett is a wild man. 
(I really could just end things there and let you all imagine...)  ((Maybe I should...))
Watching he personality begin to appear is pretty fascinating.  He's the baby of the family and WHOA BOY can you tell!  He's spoiled.  I admit it.  But I am not the sole cause.  He is also spoiled by his dad, his Berber and Pappy, and every SINGLE ONE of his brothers.  He cries and someone is in his face trying to figure out what he wants?  He wants to sit on Berber's lap for hours on end?  She lets him.  He wants milk IN A BOTTLE* in the middle of the night (EVERY night).  Bob gives it to him.  He wants a bite of that cookie or a french fry.  Spencer hands it over - while nearly taking Zane's hand off for trying the same stuff.  And Zane...  well Beck is HIS mini-me!  He's got someone to boss around and someone to show stuff too.  And he beams when he's getting attention from his little brother. 
* None of the other boys had a bottle past their first birthday.  Shoot, Zane gave up bottles around 10 months old.  But Beckett...  well, he really LIKES his bottle.  And he is very vocal about it.  And (see above) having a 15 month old with a bottle isn't really a big deal, right?  I mean, he DOES drink from a sippy cup too, when he doesn't have one of the above people around to cave and fill up a bottle!
Beckett is starting to really communicate with us.  He has several words that he uses regularly (and appropriately).  He can say Willow (Wee Woo) and Bye Bye and Hi (which is freaking adorable when you get him up in the morning!) and Mine (me me me me meeeeeee) and All Done and Uh ohhhhh.  He also says dada and occasionally mama, but not consistently.  We haven't gotten him to say his brothers names yet.  I'm looking forward to that!  (And may fail to point out that he learned the dog's name first...)
Even with this somewhat limited vocabulary Wreck is pretty efficient at getting his point across.  Here are a couple of examples:
A couple of days ago Zane wanted a snack and came out to get some dry cereal in a bowl.  Then he went back to the toy room where all 4 boys were playing/watching TV/had their heads in various video games.  A few minutes later Beck came out, found Bob and HOLLERED at him.  He was NOT crying.  He was yelling.  And he yelled more when Bob tried to give him a grape.  And he yelled when Bob tried to give him a sippy cup with milk.  And he yelled MORE when Bob caved and tried to give him a bottle.  Upon the refusal of the bottle it became clear that Beck wanted what Zane had, simply because Zane had it.  A little dry cereal in a bowl and he was good as gold. 
One of the things that Beckett does that I don't remember the other boys doing is sign language.  I know they teach signing at school, but Zane didn't pick it up nearly as much.  (I admit that I LOVE watching him sign "please".  And sometimes I make him do it just to watch him.)  Anyway, the other day Beck came out to the kitchen, got into the drawer where we keep the plastic plates, watched over to Bob with the plate and signed Please while saying "me me meeeeee".  He then led Bob to the fridge.  Pretty clear he was a little hungry and needed a snack.  He was tickled pink with some grapes. 
Maybe my favorite form of communication recently is the temper tantrum.  I can tell by the way the Wreck surveys the child locks on the kitchen cabinets every time he walks in looking for one we left open that he's a bright little boy.  And he knows that he has us all wrapped around his finger.  So when we hold our ground and say NO to him, the resulting throw down can be pretty spectacular.  It's so dramatic, in fact, that it is usually REALLY hard to keep a straight face!  He yells (not cries) and then throws himself to the ground with style.  It's hilarious!  (Which I'm pretty sure is not the message he's trying to communicate!)
All of these little personality quirks are combining into a little boy that seems to make our lives complete.  His smiles and giggles and wide open mouth, slobber kisses are pretty awesome.  I wish we could freeze time here for a while.  I've always loved this stage.  So very sweet!
Here's a picture of Mr. Beckett on the back porch over the weekend**.  He's not quite as obsessed with being outside as Zane was at that age, but he never says No when you ask him if he wants to go out.  And he usually pats his belly, which tells us that he is actually saying "Yes, please!"
Have a great week everyone! 
**My favorite part of this picture is the dimpled knuckles. 
PS - Beckett had his 15 month check-up today.  He's doing great (with the exception of some surprise ear infections) and continues to be bigger than Zane and smaller than Spencer.  He is almost 26 lbs and almost 32 inches.  Growing up too fast...

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