Thursday, January 31, 2013

Picture of the Week - 1/31/2013

The Mighty Quinn turns 9 on Saturday!
Can you believe it? 
Seems like just yesterday we were meeting that little dude for the first time.  And yet, it seems like he's always been a part of our crazy little family.
Quinn is a pretty awesome kid - if I do say so myself.  He's easy to please and, maybe more endearing, eager to please!  He will normally go with the flow and follow Spencer's lead.  And then he will swap roles and become a doting big brother, catering to the wants and interests of Zane and Beckett.  He is just as happy watching big boy movies and playing big boy video games as he is watching Sprout and helping Zane play something on the ipad. 
He is *delightfully* neither a little boy, nor a big boy.  He's in that delicious (and ever so brief) in between.  Some may call this awkward, but I know how fast it will pass and I call it lovely.
Quinn's always doing something to try to make someone happy.  He dances.  He makes funny faces.  He is agreeable and friendly.  He's a magnet!  He has gotten invited to 4 birthday parties in the last 3 weeks.  I think it's because he has never met someone who he wouldn't call his friend. 
One of my favorite times right now is the late evenings with Quinn.  Sometimes he will come out and sit with us while we watch TV.  Sometimes he will come up while we are putting the little guys to bed and get roped into reading books.  Sometimes he lingers far too long after getting instructions to go brush his teeth.  I know it's because he wants to spend time with us.  I know how much he enjoys the attention.  And I'll give it to him whenever I can.  There's nothing better than watching his face light up when I crawl into his bed with him for one last snuggle of the day.
I have probably mentioned this before, but I truly believe that Quinn is the easiest of the 4 boys right now.  He's also, easily, the most helpful.  That child has never heard a request that he balked at.  I am pretty sure I could ask him to change dirty diapers and he would give it a go.  His personality makes me so very proud to be his mom!
Don't get the wrong idea here...  Q is not perfect.  He has a tendency to pout.  He doesn't think about consequences.  He sometimes doesn't know the "time and place".  He still eats like a bird.  He has the craziest of cowlicks.  And he is loud.  He is SO LOUD.  He talks loudly.  He walks loudly.  It's really amazing that a little body can make so much noise. 
It's pretty clear that he's going to be seen.  And he's going to be heard.  And anyone lucky enough to cross his path should consider themselves blessed.
I know I do!
Happy Birthday sweet Quinn!  And thank you for being you!
Tomorrow we are letting Q stay home from school and spending the day doing what he wants.  And this weekend we are celebrating his birthday with a Minecraft themed party including a mobile video game truck.  FUN times!

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