Thursday, December 27, 2012

Picture of the Week - 12/27/2012

We had a magical Christmas! It's difficult to put my feelings about this year's Christmas into words. Here are a few random thoughts...
- Christmas with 4 kids is loud
- Christmas morning with a toddler who doesn't like to sleep comes way too early
- Matching jammies are adorable, but this may be the last year I can pull that off which makes me kind of sad
- Tyler, our elf, doesn't come until the tree is up and decorated, leaves on Christmas Eve, and is kinda creepy with those eyes that always look like he's looking at you
- We made a LOT of trash
- We made a LOT of memories
- If anyone tells Spencer that the only purple robe I could find was a woman's, I will be very angry!
- Some of the best gifts were big surprises (hello, dollar bin stocking stuffers and birds you balance on one finger!)
- Watching movies about the holiday spirit really does put you in the holiday spirit
- So does alcohol
- Three year olds totally understand Magic
- Willow got a new dog bed which is about 2 sizes too small (was on sale), but in an effort to please us she curls herself into a ridiculously compact ball so her back end doesn't fall off.
- Our mantle (in the picture) is about to get a makeover with my favorite gift of the year - family portraits. Stay turned for an update. (And yes, that is a set of paper reindeer antlers up there. Classy!)
- The Polar Express is just as real as Santa - you gotta be able to hear that bell - and we watched it multiple times this year (also, the soundtrack is awesome on surround sound)
- Santa appreciates a LARGE glass of milk
- Hanging out with family has really been fun
- Bows are frivolous.  We had no bows and no one was bummed about that.  Except maybe the people who sell bows.
- Quinn made an excellent Santa Cop - making sure everyone took turns. His excitement this year was infectious
- Even skeptical 10 year olds get sucked in on Christmas morning.  (No way mom and dad could have gotten this much stuff.)
- Christmas cookie trays are the BOMB
- Chick-Fil-A peppermint chocolate chip milk shakes are addicting
- Peppermint Oreos are sinful
- Breakfast casserole recipe for Christmas morning was NOT a keeper
- Zane loves his flashlight from Santa (odd) and if you look closely you can see how dark it still was when we got started. Coffee!
- All boys got a Fisher Price Giggle Gang - don't get these if you don't like giggles. (No off switch) ((But super cute!))
- Beck was appropriately destructive and has now mastered opening presents. He also loved the boxes!
- Christmas is Magic
- Having time off to relax and play with my boys was priceless. They are, simply, what makes it all worthwhile. Love them!
- Is it too early to start thinking about next year???
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We are semi-back to normal for a couple of days with the little boys at Goddard and the big boys off to a Lego camp. We just have to get through a couple of days before another nice long weekend to ring in the new year. We are looking forward to a visit from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Phyllis and then some more rainy weather, which is the perfect excuse to sit on the couch in comfy clothes and watch bowl games and movies and whatever Zane dictates for the day. 
Be safe! Be Happy! 
See ya in 2013!!

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