Thursday, March 9, 2017

Picture of the Week - 3/9/2017

Last night was our crazy lacrosse night.  It involves multiple different practices - for 3 of the boys.  We start by running out of the house by 5:10 and everyone is back home around 9.  Bob has 3 teams he coaches on Wednesday nights - all of them overlap with each other.  It would be completely unwieldy if the practices weren't all at the same park.  As it is...  it's crazy!

My role in Wednesday nights is to shuttle kids around and then get the little guys to bed.  Last night we had to change up our plans a little bit because Quinn had a math test to study for today.  Normally I leave him up there at the park until Spencer's practice is over.  (FWIW - Spencer can't really even practice yet...  but he's there with his team because it's a TEAM and also because Bob's coaching.)  Last night I stuck around after Zane's practice to gather Quinn so he'd have an extra hour at home.  

I managed to keep the little guys out of the road and out of the bathrooms until we were all cold and we retreated to the car.  Once in the car, Beckett proceeded to touch every button and pull every lever and change all the settings on anything that could be changed.  Also, somehow, despite the fact that we weren't eating anything, there is crud all over all my windows from his grubby little fingers (and also various other parts of his body...)  If he weren't so cute, I'd have left him there last night!  

I did manage to get this picture of them while we were waiting.  It makes me laugh because at first glance they 1) look much older than 5 and 7 all the sudden and 2) look like they could be in a bar.  Maybe someday, when they are much much older, they can recreate this picture in an actual bar.

Have a great week everyone!  We have 4 lacrosse games this weekend - including a double-book in two places involving Spencer/Bob and Zane's first game of the season.  Oh well... 

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