Thursday, August 25, 2016

Picture of the Week - 8/25/2016

Urgh - the last couple weeks have been hard!  Too much work, not enough fun!

I am home for a while now (fingers crossed) and looking forward to stopping to smell the proverbial roses.  I fear that I'm letting this whole season slip away.  

We are on the run, for sure, but I'm determined to enjoy the "fall".  It's a bit hard to consider it as the fall season when it's still 90 degrees every day...  but I suppose that's a different issue.  

We are 3 games into Spencer's football season and the team is looking good.  Spencer has turned into a beast.  They are fun to watch.  He is fun to watch!  I am determined to enjoy the next 4 games and see what happens.  Looks likely that we will get into the playoffs and then we'll see.  Not counting any chickens yet, but this team has a personality about it that could turn into something really special.  I'm so pleased to be a part of it.  I'm so proud of Spencer's role on this team.  It's going to be a season to remember for sure.  (We just have to make sure we are stopping to enjoy it every now and then.)

Zane's first game is next week.  He's having SO much fun this year.  Last year he kind of seemed to tolerate football.  This year, he's loving it.  Really looks forward to the practices. 

And Quinn just found out that he gets to play for one of his favorite coaches again.  He hasn't gotten to play with him for a few seasons and is really excited about this team.  

Sports are fun!  (Exhausting, but FUN!)

We are also gearing up for a bunch of birthdays around here.  I'm having a pretty hard time with that this year.  Also, online shopping is very helpful! :)

Here's a picture of a sweet tackle that Spencer made in our last win.  And a couple of pictures of Zane heading off to school on picture day.  He's now insisting that Bob stay home so he can go to the bus stop by himself.  How is he old enough to go to the bus stop alone???  Sigh.  

Have a great week everyone!  We have more of the same this week - minus the business travel.  It will be very nice to spend a whole week at home!!!

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