Thursday, September 1, 2016

Picture of the Week - 9/1/2016

Pretty sure words won't do much to augment this picture.  

My happy, healthy boys.
Ohio State tradition
Football season

Love it all!

Have a happy and SAFE Labor Day weekend.  We plan on much weekend-ing and very little labor-ing, with a good dose of college football.  

PS - In unrelated, but still football news...  Spencer's team won again on Tuesday making them 4-0 for the season so far.  He's having a KILLER season - and a blast.  He's got 20-ish tackles so far and has only played 1 4th quarter.  This could be a pretty special year.  :)  Zane's team lost their first game last night, but he had fun playing center and particularly enjoyed the post-game goody bags.  :)  Next game for the Bovy boys is Tuesday night, then the real fun starts next weekend with football competing with lacrosse and flag football for attention.  Hang onto your seats - September's gonna be a crazy sports month!

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