Thursday, August 11, 2016

Picture of the Week - 8/11/2016

It's FOOTBALL season, y'all!

And it's so much fun!  :)

Spencer's team has had 2 games - a scrimmage down in Camden county and our season opener against rival Riverwatch.  The scrimmage was used as a learning opportunity and team building event.  We lost 10-20, but honestly the score was unimportant.  The team looked good.  They had a blast!  And the most important thing (to me) is that everyone was returned home happy and healthy.  The booster club pulled off the weekend without any major issues and it was a huge relief to get that mountain of work behind us.

The season opener on Tuesday was a good old-fashioned throttling.  We won 34-7.  The team looks good.  Spencer looked awesome.  It was probably the best game he's ever had.  He had something like 8 tackles and was named Defensive player of the Week.  He was a beast.  I couldn't be prouder.  We happened to be playing a team that had 4 or 5 kids on it from our Paladins team.  Remember back when Spence rode the bench on that team when he was in 5th grade?  Yep, he was extra motivated to play them this week and he proved how much he's changed in 3 short years.  Sports aren't the most important thing in life, but that night, watching my oldest play football was nothing short of awesome.  Proud mom here...

And then there's Zane.  Zane's K/1 team has been practicing for a few weeks and they are starting to settle in on positions and figure out what kind of team they have.  Zane, as a 1st grader with decent size and a year's worth of experience, is a pretty valuable player on the team.  They've tried him out in lots of different positions - corner back, quarter back, various line positions, and center.  Zane's favorite of them all is center.  And he's actually really good at it.  He's having a blast and jabbers all the time about his team and how excited he is to get to play center.  His confidence is growing in leaps and bounds.  Love to watch that!  He has a scrimmage tomorrow night and his first "game", which is a jamboree to get the refs ready for the season, on the 20th.  

We are still waiting on the start of fall lacrosse (starts on the 15th) and flag football for Beck.  I love the fall!

I'm heading off to Scotland on Saturday for my quarterly visit.  I'm bummed that I'll miss a football game and the first lacrosse practices.  I'm thankful that I won't miss more and I'm being VERY careful with my travel schedule until football season is over.  Work/Life balance is important!

Here are a couple of pictures from the week of football events.  Zane at practice (in Spencer's throwback Midway Packers jersey from when he was in Kindergarten).  Spencer at Camden on the O line (#59, he's a 2 way starter this year) and serving as team captain for the coin toss on Tuesday.  I couldn't be prouder that he was voted (by his teammates) to serve as captain this year.  I've heard from multiple sources that he's turned into a true leader and motivator for his team.  Proud mom, indeed...

Offensive line at Camden

Team captains

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