Thursday, August 18, 2016

Picture of the Week - 8/18/2016

Greetings from Scotland!

Today, a bunch of random pictures.  Some are from here.  A couple are from back home.

While over here this trip, we did the only "touristy" thing I've ever done here.  Most people continue to think it's glamorous to travel over here.  It's not.  It's just hard.  Hard work, hard on my body, exhausting on the mind.  But alas, it's my job...  

This trip happens to coincide with The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  For anyone who doesn't know the term Tattoo used in this manner (as I didn't either), a Tattoo is a military performance of music.  The Tattoo in Edinburgh happen every August and is a daily show (all of which sell out) for 30 straight days.  We decided to buy tickets to the performance on Tuesday night and I'm SO glad we went.  It was very cool.  They had military bands from all over the world come to do a performance.  It was impressive.  And I may have fallen a little bit in love with a marching band that includes a bunch of bagpipes.  Here are a couple of pictures from the Tattoo and one additional picture of the castle I took on our walk back to the hotel after dinner last night.  The picture of the American flag projected onto the castle was during the US Military band's performance.  

Back home things seem well under control.  Bob has done a great job of keeping me up to date on all the various things happening back in Georgia.  I really miss my boys!  Here's a picture that Beck's daycare sent this week.  The teacher in his new Ga Pre-K class takes great pictures!  And I adore getting pictures of him from school - even when I'm not on the other side of the globe.

And finally, a picture from Spencer's football game Saturday night.  I love this picture, taken by Chungman Photography.  This is at the very end of the game, which was a VERY close game.  It's a shot of our offense kneeling down to secure a 21-14 win.  It was a messy game, both in terms of penalties and mud.  The team pulled together to get the win and they should be very proud of their performance.  I spent the better part of Tuesday night getting nearly play-by-play updates from Bob.  I stayed up WAY too late, laying in bed awaiting the texts that would tell me the outcome.  I hated not being there in person, but between the updates from home and the action shots of the game, I feel like I was *almost* there.  (Spence is #59.)

Tomorrow morning, I head back home.  It's a long, long day of travel - essentially around 17 hours start to finish if everything's on time - but the very best reward awaits me back in Georgia.  Can't wait to gather up a week's worth of hugs!

Have a great week all!  

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