Thursday, May 5, 2016

Picture of the Week - 5/5/2016

Greetings from Scotland!

I'm on my final full day over in the UK (for this trip) and feel like I'm going to survive.  It's a long week...

While I've been over here, Bob's been busy managing a work crew who has replaced all the windows in our house.  We had some that had gotten moisture in between the panes of glass and really just looked bad.  Most of the windows we chose as replacements look just like the old ones (minus the fog).  I do kind of hate expensive projects that no one will notice...  But on the back of the house we choose replacements that don't have the white panes on them.  They are just plain glass.  Bob says they are pretty awesome!  I can't wait to see them.  

Here are some pictures (before and after) of the window we changed the most.  We had a bank of 3 double-hung windows in the living room which we replaced with a big picture window and side sliders.  That one, particularly when the leaves are on the trees in the backyard, is really going to change the whole look of that room.  Yay!

I think today, instead of a nice frosty margarita, I'll likely be raising a pint this evening to toast Cindo de Mayo and the end to another successful business trip.  I can't wait to get back home to all my boys!  I miss them so much!!

This weekend we have football (already?) equipment handouts and a lacrosse tournament.  2 games Friday and at least 2 more on Saturday.  Then Sunday will be a day-of-chores before another week of travel for me next week.  Busy busy busy!

I thought I'd also share some pictures of the castle from my walk over to the office this morning.  Typical Scotland weather this week, cloudy and off/on (mostly on) rain.  We actually walked through a hail storm on Monday...  crazy weather!

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