Thursday, May 12, 2016

Picture of the Week - 5/12/2016

The universe sent me a sign last week.  It was one of those signs that you can't ignore.  With the benefit of hindsight and some perspective, I think my boys may have been in cahoots with the universe to order up this sign. 

The universe sent me a sign to slow down.  A reminder of how dangerous stress can be and how important it is to take care of myself.  (Maybe this is a reminder some of you could use as well.)

I got shingles.  Even typing that seems odd to me.  I thought shingles was something old(er) people got.  I thought, despite those commercials warning that "it's already in you", it wasn't something I needed to worry about for many years.  I was wrong.  The universe wins - again.

I started suspecting something was wrong around Tuesday last week - while I was in Scotland.  It was hard to say if I just didn't feel well because of jet lag, lack of sleep, different eating habits, homesickness, different water, different soap, etc etc etc.  Traveling introduces MANY variables.  By Wednesday I had a very painful patch in my hair, bumps on my forehead and an extraordinarily itchy/annoying eyelid.  I started complaining/discussing with one of my travel companions, who also happens to be a nurse.  She said "boy, sounds like shingles".  And I was like "No way!" 

And then I read the symptoms online.  And I knew.  If nothing else, it was a classic case - and actually pretty mild in hindsight!

Speaking of sight...  when I got home from the flight on Friday, I went to Urgent care to confirm the diagnosis and get medicine, etc.  I was actually mostly miserable on Friday - and very thankful my mom came to sit with me when the urgent care folks sent me to the ER because of the involvement of my eye. Apparently shingles on the face/eye isn't something they mess around with as it can permanently mess up your vision.  I am fine - and I'm getting better every day.  Although I will say that shingles kinda sucks - so if you are of the age to get the vaccine and you haven't - go get it!

I cancelled all my travel plans for this week.  I was supposed to go to Dallas and New York this week.  I sent a message out to my boss and my teams and told them I was working from home all week.  The universe won.  And boy am I thankful for the reminder.  It's been a lovely week - a lazy week. The medicine I'm on makes me sleepy and groggy.  I've done some work, done some laundry, and rested a whole bunch.  Thank you universe.  I needed this week!

One of the nicest parts of the week is that because of the combination of not going to the office and some of our spring sports ending, I've had TIME (blessed, blessed time) to hang out with my boys.  I think they needed it as much as I did.  Because they have been VERY VERY present - as in cuddly and huggy and chatty - with me all week.  I've had the little guys in my lap morning and night every day.  I've had Spencer and Quinn sit and chat with me about all sorts of random things.  I've gotten to eat lunch with Bob every day without any distractions.  I've reconnected with all my boys this week in very real ways.  Thank you universe, we all needed this!

So if you don't have the universe talking to you, listen to me.  Take care of yourself.  Don't stay stressed and tired for too long.  The body/mind can only take so much. 

And hug the people you love because they probably miss you more than you think!

In other news...  football practice started for Spencer this year.  I'm so excited for this season.  It's going to be so much fun for Spencer (and me) this year!  Here's a picture from practice yesterday.  They will practice every day this week and next week, with the Black/White game next Friday night.  The team will be announced by the following Tuesday.  Exciting times for sure! 

I also had to share this picture Bob took of Beckett while I was away.  We can't get over how much he looks like Quinn in this picture.  Everyone always talks about how much Zane and Beck look alike, but I've always disagreed.  The little guys have the same hair color, but that's pretty much it.  I think Beck looks like Spencer sometimes and Quinn sometimes.  He's going to be built more like Spencer - but with shorter legs I think.  This particular picture, with his hair all spikey, makes it pretty obvious that THESE two are brothers. 

Have a great week everyone!  We've got some more lacrosse this weekend, but things are winding down nicely.  Can you believe that after today the boys only have 11 more days of school this year?  Crazy!

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