Thursday, March 3, 2016

Picture of the Week - 3/3/2016

So...  it's 8:37 and I haven't done the POTW yet.  Some weeks this feels more like a chore than others.  It's feeling very chore-like today.

So I shall keep this newsy...

We are still dealing with a wrecked house.  For a while it didn't really bother me.  I don't normally mind a little clutter and mess.  I'm not one of those people who can't relax with dirty dishes on the counter or toys on the floor.  But this has even gotten to me.  

The ripped up floor leaves bits of subfloor and pieces of torn up hard woods all over the place.  The boys and dogs track this stuff all over the place.  The dogs eat it.  The boys refuse to leave shoes on and I worry about splinters.  It's yuck.

And it's SO dusty.  I can't get things clean and don't really want to put too much effort into it because it's just going to get trashed again.

We had picked out new floor before we went on our trip.  We thought when we got home they would be about ready to start.  Well...  to make a long story a less long, the original replacement we picked is back-ordered and we have had MUCH DRAMA trying to find another one.  So we finally picked a new one this week and we're hoping they can start on the floor next week.  I sure hope I like it.  The new is really different than the current.  

Tuesday night we were surprised when the restoration company told us there would be painters showing up on Wednesday to fix the drywall and do the painting.  Not much notice...  So we have had painters in and out for the last 2 days.  They finished the walls, but the trim/baseboards/quarter-round will have to wait until after the floor is done.  So now we have nicely painted grey walls, but DUST everywhere.  And nothing on the walls.  And most of the furniture is moved and none of the rugs are down.  It's like worse than when we first moved in because it's dirty and we are trying to live in it.  Yuck!

I gripe and complain, but really it could be much worse.  The insurance company isn't fighting about any of this.  So when it's over, it will be awesome.  It's just getting to that point.

Next week we will move out - and invade my parents house for a few days.  Thank goodness they are willing to put up with us!  I will be traveling (again) for work, so Bob and my parents will have all the normal duties for a bit - with the added bonus of having to figure out how to get the boys all to school and back.  Good times...  We are hoping that by the end of next week things will start getting back to normal.  Depends a little bit on how the post-work clean up goes.  Also - I'm nervous about the floor.  I sure hope I like it!!!

Here are a few pictures of the process.  One of the painting process yesterday.  Another of the dining room packed with almost all of the contents of the rest of the first floor.  

And finally a picture of Willow looking a little fore lorn in the middle of our mostly empty living room.  

And the last picture...  well it's hard to believe that it was just a week ago when we wrapped up our cruise trip.  I miss it already!  Can't wait for next year.  Happy early birthdays Drs Big.  :)

In non-depressing house news...  Spring lacrosse season gets underway in earnest this weekend.  Quinn and Spence both have games on Saturday and Spence has another on Sunday.  After some weird weather - which seriously included SNOW and pouring rain at the SAME time today - it is supposed to be a pretty nice weekend.  I'm excited about watching some good lacrosse action!!

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