Thursday, March 10, 2016

Picture of the Week - 3/10/2016

So what's making you happy today?

We got the dogs back from the kennel today and Ozzie was SO happy to see me.  LOVE that!  Doesn't he look like he's smiling???

I got home last night from a pretty tough business trip.  The schedule wasn't nearly as demanding as some, but the environment was rough.  Rude, difficult clients are the worst.  Also, I've added Syracuse, NY to the places I don't think I'd like to live.

But it's over - and that makes me happy!

And while I was gone many good things happened!  Our floors were finished and the painters did their thing.  We have a bunch of pictures to hang back on the walls and rugs/furniture/stuff to move around, but the worst of it is definitely over.  Phew!  Here are a couple of pictures, but I can't get the color right.  There's more grey in the floor than I can get in a picture.  You will just have to come visit to see it in person.

And then there are the little boys.  They got their lacrosse uniforms on Tuesday night.  I'm so bummed that I missed that because they are SO excited.  Giddy even.  How can you not be happy when they are SO happy???

And the weather has been so awesome!  Yay for spring!

Tell me, what's making you happy today?!?

PS - Another shout out to my mom and dad for letting Bob move in with the chaos (aka my boys) while our floors were getting destroyed and I was in NY.  They are awesome!

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