Thursday, January 7, 2016

Picture of the Week - 1/7/2015

Happy New Year!!

How're you feeling about the fact that you have almost made it through the first real work week of the new year?  Feels pretty AWESOME to me!!

I'm currently sitting in the airport in Hartford, CT thanking the airport Gods for free wifi.  (Aside...  what did people do in airports before they could jump on wifi and surf/work?)  I'm looking forward to getting back home to my little boy snuggles.  Those boys LOVE to snuggle.  Here's a picture of us watching movies last Sunday.  Yep...  that's what I'm looking forward to getting back home to!!

Remember a few years ago when my New Year's resolution was to "hug more"?  Well we did - and do - and it's spectacular!  

Are you making resolutions this year?  

I've made 2. First, I am determined to MAKE more stuff this year.  I wasn't able to give away any home made Christmas gifts this year.  And it really bugged me.  (It probably bugged me more than the recipients of my store bought stuff...  but it bothered me!)  So this year, I'm making more stuff.  That means finishing up some projects I've already started.  And getting a few things out of my head and into production.  

The second one is to figure out a better way to managing my pictures.  I used to do all picture related stuff (including personal editing, etc - don't tell) on my work computer.  While, technically, against company policy, it was easy for me and meant everything was in one spot.  Now...  my company is much more strict on what you can have on your laptop.  So, I have pictures split across 2 laptops and do my editing at home.  And "long term" storage is a whole other issue.  What do you use for photo storage/organization?  I could use some easy options.  

Here's to heading home at the end of a business trip.  Also, forgive me in advance for all the work-related travel complaining I'm going to be doing between now and mid-Feb.  It's bad.  Next week I'm going to Detroit.  Who goes to Detroit in January?  The week after...  Grand Rapids.  And then I'm heading back over to Edinburgh again too.  Oy!  

I'm gonna try to cram in all the boy-snuggles I can get in between all these trips!  Because goodness I miss those boys (and Bob) when I'm not home!!

Have a great week!  Stay warm!!

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